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1970’s & 80’s Sexy Costume Ideas

If there is one thing that you can identify the 70’s and 80’s for it is just how sexy they were. This was a time where everybody loved one another and they celebrated this openly. After the hippies in the 60s came the funkadelic, sex driven, life loving 70s and 80s individuals. The icons were so identifiable and so was the dress for this time period. Sure you could go for the more subdued disco star, or you could embrace the sexuality that was such a part of this time period.

This makes for a really fun adult party and allows you to really express yourself in a more sexual manner. So get in touch with your naughty side, embrace your sexuality like never before, and celebrate this era with these sexy costume ideas that were all about love and partying!

dancing queen green costumeThe Supa Sexy Funkadelic Couple

Since everybody was so busy loving one another Studio 54 style, this makes for the perfect couple’s costume. If you are going to this type of party consider dressing up with your honey to make it extra special. Sure you could go as Sonny and Cher or some other famous couple from this era, or you could create your own couples costume. This funkadelic theme is awesome because you can use sexy clothes like a hot mini skirt and tank top in bright vibrant colors, outfits which you could get at Fancydressball. This is not only sexy but something that you could only get away for this type of costume party. Be sure to load on the glitter makeup, a sexy hat, a boa, and some hot platform shoes or maybe even roller skates.

Have your honey dress up with the fly collared, open shirt look which of course has to be dripping in gold chains. He can go for the hot pants since this was not only accepted but welcomed in this sexy time period. He can even wear his own pair of platform shoes to “sex up” the outfit. If you really want to make it super sexy, consider handcuffing yourselves to each other and get ready to disco the night away!

Get In Touch with Your Inner Disco Diva

The 70s and 80s were all about disco, dancing, and the right attitude. You want to go in ready to love everybody around you and you also want to be ready to party. The only way you are going to carry off this sexy look is with some amazing confidence. You need to hold your head high, walk tall, and bust into the room ready to party and have a good time. The hotter the disco or 70s fancy dress outfit the better!

80s pop bride costumeGo for short, tight, and low cut—realistically these were trademarks of this era. A tight fitting glittery dress is always sure to please and if fits well with this era. You can even go out on a limb and go for a bikini top with a hot mini skirt to go for a naughty but so appropriate look. You need the glittery head band, loads of jewelry and makeup, and some hot super high heel shoes. Sexy? Yes of course! With the right attitude and the utmost confidence, you can carry off this look and feel like you just stepped back in time!

The Evolution of the Sexy Pop Star Bride

What do you think of when you consider a pop icon in this time period? One of the first things that comes to mind is Madonna and her “Like a Virgin” wedding dress. If you remember this well and want to use it for a sexy costume idea, it can work quite well. This and other 80s fancy dress costumes are immediately identifiable as being from the wild 1980’s pop princess styles.

With this, the costume itself is pretty easy. You want to find a tight white dress, preferably in lace or even leather for a sexy look. Then you want to tease up your hair for that tussled look and load on the jewelry and makeup. To complete this look you absolutely must have thigh highs and some hot stilettos.

This will make you feel instantly sexy and wild as soon as you put it on and you will have such fun dancing in this costume all night! You can really make this costume work for you if you are confident. Nothing sends sexiness into the ground more than a lack of confidence. So even if you are self conscious, put that aside just for that one night and be the pop star super sexy bride – you are sure to have a blast!

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