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A Guide to Sexy Wigs

When you conceive of your ideal costume, you might not think about your hair. You might think that that aspect of your character will work itself out. But to get the full affect of your costume, consider adding a wig.

Wearing a wig is an ideal way to really get into the mood and feel of your costume. If you’re a flapper, the hair is essential, unless you can get your natural hair styled that way. Dressing as Marilyn Monroe? A wig is likely necessary. How about the golden locks of, well, Goldilocks? How about the unkempt dreadlocks of a pirate?

Just about any costume you can imagine will lend itself to a good wig. If you have short hair, it will be hard to fully pull off a naughty schoolgirl look without pigtails. A wig can help elevate the quality and fun of your costume.

If you’re dressing up as a hot disco chick from the 70s, you need the hair to go with it. Purchase a long blond wig that features flippy bangs and long curled layers for that Farrah Fawcett look.

Even men can get into the wig fun. A headbanger costume isn’t complete without a long mass of hair, and a surfer dude isn’t fully dressed until he has a head of bleached blonde hair.

A wig is really a finishing touch to your costume. Depending on the costume, going without a wig or proper hair style might be a surefire way to ruin the look of the costume. Think of the wig as the jewelry – it finishes the outfit.

You might not have thought about wearing a wig before. In that case, there are some things to be aware of:

  • You can buy a “wig cap”. This will help to contain your natural hair under the wig. You tuck and pin your hair under the wig cap and then place the wig over it. There’s no chance that one of your hairs will slip out from under the wig.
  • Although wigs have come a long way in recent years, some can still look fake if you don’t fluff them a bit. Before you put the wig on your head brush or comb it so it looks natural and smooth. Once it’s placed, use your fingers to create a natural-looking style.
  • To place the wig, use both hands and hold the wig right over your head, with the tip of the wig centered over the middle of your head. Gently place it on your head and then pull it down, and move it a bit, until it looks like it’s centered and looking natural.

Once you have the wig on, you’ll feel like you’re really in character, so get into it! Fling your new hair around if you’re dressed as Cher. Start mouthing off if you’re Howard Stern. Start acting sultry as Elvira with long, raven hair. Search below for more wig ideas. Have fun, and act a little naughty!

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