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A Medieval Costume – Be a King or Jester this Halloween

Fun Halloween costumes aren’t just for women. Men can have fun with dressing up, getting into character, and enjoying a little acting and roleplay, too.

One of the easiest and most enjoyable costumes for men relate to anything Medieval. These costumes (like king, courtier, knight, etc.) are easy to put together, easy to role play, and fun to wear.

How can you make these medieval costumes come to life? First, you have to figure out which costume suits you the best. Do you feel like being more of a fighting knight than a commanding king? A fancy courtier or a silly court jester?

Find a costume that fits your personal character, or find one that’s completely contrary to your character. Not only will this be fun to roleplay, but it will be surprising to those who know and expect certain reactions from you. That’s what Halloween is all about, after all – playing a role that’s not who we really are.

Here are some other ideas for medieval costume ideas for men:

  • Monk
  • Tavern drinker
  • Unruly Peasant
  • Prince Charming
  • Medieval sailor
  • Nobleman

Getting Medieval with It

Once you have settled on your costume, how do you make it real? It’s not all in the costume, you know. So much is about how you carry yourself, the language you use, the mood you put off as you play the role you have chosen.

So that means try to get into the spirit of the character by talking like the character would talk in medieval times. Consider this exchange when you arrive at the party.

Your host: “Hey, Brian, how are you?”

Brian (that’s you): “I am well indeed, though parched for drink. Pray, dost tell me how I look?”

Your host: “Wow man, okay, you’re in character. You look awesome!”

You: “Thank you, sire.”

You can continue this roleplay as you eat, dance, and enjoy seeing other people. You might choose your foods based on what your character would eat in medieval times, or you might sit and enjoy the proceedings from your designated throne.

Once you have successfully mastered some fun language and behavior, you can work on really carrying things further. Is your partner also dressed for medieval times? What’s her character? If she’s a noblewoman and you a nobleman, you and she will carry yourself differently than if you are both dressed as peasants. From our perspective, you can have a lot more bawdy fun as peasants than noble people (at least in public).

Don’t forget some basics of carrying off this costume. For example, think about your props. Would your knight carry a sword and shield? Would your king have a scepter and crown? Props are as important as the costume; in fact they can make the costume.

Finally, don’t forget to carry the roleplay home with you. Perhaps your peasant lady needs to help you get your boots (and other items of clothing) off, or you need to help her with her corset. You might even continue your in-character language exchange.

You: “Me lady, may I help you with your corset?”

Your lady: “Dear sir, you joust! I think I can remove it myself.”

You: “I doubt you not, my lady, but I have need to find a sheath for my eager sword!”

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