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Antony and Cleopatra Costumes this Halloween

antony and cleopatra costume

One of the most famous couples in history, Antony and Cleopatra had a passionate affair that is the stuff of legend – she as queen of Egypt, he as dashing commander of Rome. With her sensuous white dress and his rugged military uniform, their outfits and their romance makes a perfect Halloween couples costume!

The story of Mark Antony and Cleopatra is all about power, desire and, ultimately, tragedy. Cleopatra, last queen of Egypt, puts Anthony under her spell, and they are on the losing side in a battle against the Roman Empire. In a twist similar to that of Romeo and Juliet – Antony hears false rumors of Cleopatra’s death, and kills himself. When she finds this out, she uses an asp to join her lover in the afterlife.

The passion, high romance and ultimate tragedy with this ultimate power couple makes Antony and Cleopatra extremely interesting and quintessentially sexy characters. To get into the character of the beguiling leader Cleopatra and the besotted, yet powerful and forceful Anthony, make awesome Halloween outfits.

Antony and Cleopatra Costumes

To start, you need to think about the kind of Antony and Cleopatra you want to be. That is, you can be Cleopatra in a simple white toga-style gown with a headdress, or you can dress as a much more royal version of Cleopatra, with the jewelry, the gold belt, the royal air. The first is fairly easy to put together at home, while the second might require the purchase or rental of a costume.

Cleopatra has straight black hair (in some versions, that hair is just shoulder length, while others believe her hair would be much longer), so if your hair isn’t straight black, a wig is a must.

Men can incorporate Antony in a variety of ways. Most popular is a white short “dress” or tunic, belted with a gold belt and the head accented with a gold headband. To really add to the Antony allure, be sure to add some hurricane sandals. Find some that reach to the knees if possible. That is an essential part of adding an authentic feel to Antony’s costume.

Acting as a Couple

Now, once the two of you have figured out the costume, figure out how to really wear the costume. Couples who dress as famous couples always get a lot of attention at parties, so play it up. Develop characters for Cleopatra and Antony so that you really bring these characters to life.

How might you do this? First, remember that Cleopatra, as Shakespeare wrote her, is a passionate and strong woman. She’s hopelessly in love with Antony, but she’s no shrinking violet. She commands her own stage.

As for Antony, think strong, powerful and passionate about his country, his life and, especially, about Cleopatra.

The two of you, in fact, should command attention not just for the costumes but for the sense of passion that you exude for each other and for the characters you are playing. Together, Antony and Cleopatra were a force to contend with.

For the couple who wants to add a little spice (or maybe bring some spice back into the relationship), this couple’s costume is ideal. Look deep into each other’s eyes and remember what it was like to have that kind of world-making passion for each other. You remember it from the start of your relationship and if you think about it, you can recall how it felt. Bring that to the fore.

Finally, use this costuming idea to highlight the fun and frolic of a costume party. You’re going to get attention; play it up and have a good time it with it. It’s our guess that Antony and Cleopatra would love a good party – let them live vicariously through you!

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