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Don a Halo and Be an Angel this Halloween

You don’t have to be an angel to dress like one this Halloween.

There are many angel costume choices available to the wanna-be angel just dying to come out of you. She might be a truly angelic type with white wings and a halo. She might be a brooding dark angel with a black dress. Either way, you have to find the right costume for you and the right method for getting into character.

Which Angel Do You Want to Be?

First let’s consider your costume. What kind of angel do you want to be? If you want to stick with what’s more common, choose the white angel. She’s sweet, innocent and brings a fair amount of charm to the party. But that’s not to say she’s boring. In fact, you could argue she’s quite the opposite.

If you are at all familiar with the Madonna/whore concept, you know that an angel can be something altogether different if the right circumstances present themselves. Your white and innocent angel can be a bit more seductive than she might initially appear. She might be flirty, tempestuous and altogether surprising in her desire to – yes – surprise others.

But some might prefer wearing their angel on their sleeve. That is, some of those getting into costume might not want to fool the public into thinking that a white costume is appropriate. For those of you who fall into that category, may we suggest the dark angel. She might wear black (and a black halo) or she could wear red or even gray. Whatever color you choose for your dark angel, remember that she’s a bit more fallen than the pure white version of a heavenly angel.

Now, your white angel and dark angel will likely act differently. While the white angel is, well, angelic, and eager to please, the dark angel is a bit more mysterious, a little more dangerous and brooding. After all, she fell, and the reigning in Hell position has already been filled.

Playing the Angel

To play up the white angel, be sure to wear a smile, recall your most innocent moments and keep that halo firmly on your head. Having a beer in your hand will do you well, and if anybody asks that angels aren’t supposed to imbibe themselves, give a little innocent titter.

If you choose the dark angel, well, she’s a little more dangerous, a bit more mysterious, a lot more complicated. She’s going to give partygoers something to talk about, that we can believe. She may be pounding back shooters, or she may simply be aggressive and naughty.

Angel Pairs

Angel costumes aren’t just for women. Couples can have fun with angel roleplay. You can have some fun with this coupling of costumes. For example, one of you might be a white angel, and the other a dark angel (a truly “opposites attract” scenario) or you could both arrive as white or dark angels.

Some people like to have fun playing up the notion that we are all a little bit white angel and a little bit dark angel.

To play up this contrast, you can costume yourself (either vertically, or horizontally, whichever seems easiest) in both black and white angel garb. Make it a half and half costume, or have some fun combining the two elements in the same costume.

Finally, don’t forget to continue your roleplay whether at a party or not. Angels can be less than angelic at home, whether of the innocent or dark sort. Especially if you choose to be a white angel, remember that the contrast between the costume and the behavior (the Madonna and the whore) can create some exciting fun with your partner!

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