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“Beary” Sexy Costumes

Dressing up as a sexy care bear or Winnie the Pooh can give you the soft and cute look that you are going for.

There are multiple different sexy care bear costumes in different colors, like grumpy and cheer bear. Grumpy is blue and cheer bear is pink. You’ll definitely look adorable with your matching bear ears and dress. These would also be perfect for a group of friends that want to dress up like each other. Here is some of the different care bear looks you and a group of girlfriends can wear to stand out and be sexy in:

Cheer up! These are beary sexy costumesBed time bear – This adorable bear is blue and is responsible for helping everyone get to sleep. He also wears a purple and yellow night cap with white fluffy slippers. This care bear should be worn by the friend who makes everyone feel comfortable and at home.

Cheer Bear – This is the happiest and pinkest care bear of them all. Everything about cheer bear is bright, fun, and happy. She is pink with a rainbow symbol on her tummy. Cheer bear should be worn by the girlfriend who always puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Fun shine Bear – Dressed in yellow, fun shine bear represents light and the sun. His tummy symbol is of a smiling sun and he loves to play outside. This care bear can be worn by the lady of the group who looks good in yellow and loves to have fun outside.

Good luck bear – This care bear is always dressed in green and has a four leaf clover symbol on his tummy. He represents the Irish and has a major crush on wish bear. This male care bear should be represented by an Irish guy who always seems to get his way.

Love-a-lot and Tender heart bear – These two care bears are two peas in a pod. Because love-a-lot bear is a female, and tender heart is a male, this would also be a great option for a couple’s costume. Tender heart bears influences everyone to understand their feelings and follow their heart. Meanwhile, love-a-lot bear is just so cute and cuddly.

Another great option for Halloween is dressing up as Winnie the Pooh. This costume will be nostalgic for everyone who grew up watching and loving America’s favorite bear. Have a beary good time this Halloween!

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