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Going as Beauty and the Beast on Halloween

When Disney remade the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, parents enjoyed the film just as much as children did. The base of the story strikes a chord that resonates within all of us. Everyone has a dark fairy tale side.

First, there’s the part about seeing beauty within someone that looks like a beast. Everyone in the world is seeing something horrible in this person, and you are the lucky girl who sees a treasure inside. That one factor could possibly be the base of a large percentage of dysfunctional relationships.

Falling in love with someone who’s not quite perfect is definitely not a new phenomenon. The twist that makes Beauty and the Beast so alluring is that the Beast falls for the girl and tries, with all his might, to suppress his animal instincts and become a prince for her. In Disney’s version Belle actually trains him up to drink from a teacup, to wear a suit and learn ballroom dancing. And he likes it. Even the cartoon had to use magic to account for his house turning clean; no real beastly bachelor will go that far!

At Halloween, however, you can dress your man up like a beast and spend the whole night trying to keep him tame. After a night spent of suppressing his animal side, let him loose when you get home and enjoy his beastly side. Make him a big fat meaty steak for dinner and reward his efforts with a passionate treat.

Beast Costume

The beast is big and hairy. You could use a fuzzy wolf’s costume and put a formal coat with tails over the top of it. Find a coat that matches your dress, so everyone knows exactly whose beast he is. The inner dominatrix in you might enjoy teaching him how to be a real man. As long as you look like a princess the whole time. See if you can’t get him to communicate in cave-man grunt, just for the drama, of course.

Beauty Costume

In Disney’s version, Belle had a Southern-Belle style party dress in yellow. Her hair had a matching yellow flower over one ear and of course, the obligatory Disney cartoon pumps to match the dress. She was forever trying to convince everyone that he wasn’t a Beast. When someone says “Ooh- you’re Beauty and the Beast” you might want to protest, stand up for his honor as a gentleman and let them know he is NOT a beast.

Beauty and the Beast on Television

The story ran as a television series in the 90’s, and has been reproduced in other forms, too. So if Belle’s puffy yellow dress isn’t what you had in mind, you can go for a totally different style. The television series promos had Beauty in a slinky red cocktail dress and the Beast in a black and white tuxedo with a bow tie. Instead of towering over her, he was only slightly taller, with a beard and a little extra facial hair. He looked more man than monster, whereas the cartoon Beast was more like a lion.

Regardless of how you choose to emulate Beauty and the Beast, you’ll find that the timelessness of the theme lends itself quite easily to fantasy play. Every man is capable of being both beast and prince. Learn how to summon whichever side of him suits the moment. There’s a time and place for everything.

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