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Getting Hot in Bed Sheets – Costumes and Theme Party Ideas

Theme parties are all the rage, and Halloween is the obvious time to see them marked off on your calendar. Wouldn’t it be fun to have everyone show up as their favorite super hero? Or have a Hollywood theme party and everyone comes as a long gone Hollywood icon?

Bed Sheets as Part of Your Party Theme

Whatever your desire, from making a better pirate than Captain Jack Sparrow to dressing as a skimpy Roman senator, an easy and cheap way to decorate your house is using your bed sheets! Recreate the ultimate toga party and strip your bed to break away from the mundane. Drunken frat boys are optional. The satin bedding in your room will get new life as a Grecian dress with a few gold accessories. Take those California king waterbed sheets and drape them over oversized pillows or couch cushions to create a glamorous canopied platform to have guests lounge in. If your want to pay homage to “The Godfather” use horse bed sheets instead of a horse head to make your point – it’s a lot cleaner.

Old bed sheets work great for a pirate-themed party. If they have holes or loose threads, all the better. Drape them haphazardly around the room to give the look of a makeshift pirate hovel in the Caribbean, or as a derelict room on a galleon. Add a black skull and crossbones flag, pin the tail on the parrot, decorate a cooler as a pirate chest, and make a couple “booty bags” full of loot as door prizes, and you got yourself a parrrrty! Anybody who doesn’t wear a pirate costume has to walk the plank – out the door.

Costumes Out of Old Sheets

The costumes we grew up with were plastic and had little itty bitty holes that we were supposed to be able to breathe through and see out of. Those were some of the sweatiest masks that were ever made! What were the manufacturers thinking? Lucky for us, costumes have come a long way. However, sometimes simple and cheap is the way to go. If you have some old sheets in a closet, and an old sewing machine in the corner, try these for ideas:

  • Zombie baseball player – Take some old sport theme bedding sheets, fold it, and trace a tee-shirt pattern. Cut out the outline except the body of the shirt, and sew together. Sloppy is okay – you’re a zombie! Sew on some blood-red numbers on the back of the shirt, get an old baseball glove and stained pants, some make-up, and you’re ready to shamble off to the party!
  • Roman toga – I don’t need to explain this. You probably did it in college! Take a simple white bedsheet and wrap it around yourself, tying it at one shoulder. For a more authentic look, find a picture of a Roman senator and look at the dress. Take care to add the accessories, like leather strap sandals and gold rope around the waist.
  • Spaced-out space alien – Take a colorful bed sheet and fold it. Cut out a simple knee-length tunic and sew one side and two shoulder straps. Or simply wrap the sheet around you and tie on one side like a toga. Add body paint, sparkles, alien head gear and large sunglasses. Stumble around the party, asking everybody if you are the leader of Earth.
  • Caveman – A thick leopard-print flannel sheet will do nicely. Wrap like a toga (did our ancient ancestors wear clothing any other way?), bring along a big stick, and grunt a lot.

Just For the Two of You

Here’s a great idea for all of the Star Wars fans out there. If your husband or boyfriend thought that Princess Leia in the gold bikini was the best scene of Return of the Jedi, make his fantasy into a reality. Putting on a gold bikini and dressing up the room with your luxurious, gold satin bedding is definitely more romantic than having Jabba the Hutt walk in the room. Light the candles and grab the champagne, because tonight the party is just for two.

Author Credit – This article has been provided to this website courtesy of the webmaster of Bed Sheets Only, a website marketing queen size bed sheets and a wide variety of other high quality bedding products.

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