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Dance the Night Away in a Belly Dancing Costume

A belly dancing costume can be fun for many reasons. For the woman who’s not afraid to show a little skin, it’s a top pick. It’s fun and interesting. It gets attention. It’s a little off the beaten path. It’s feminine. And it’s forgiving, covering a multitude of thigh and hip maladies while highlighting the belly and bust area. It’s a great costume for many women, flattering no matter her shape or size.

Belly dancers also carry an allure. With its Middle East origins, belly dancers were often seen as entertainers for the rich, and entertaining to the public in general. They are sexual, sensual and free. Seen as a bit mysterious, especially when their face is covered with a scarf, they are also exciting to men and women alike.

Bringing Belly Back

Bringing this look alive on Halloween is easy, though it does take some forethought.

To dress like a belly dancer, you must first think about what a belly dancer does. That is, as she swishes and sways her outfit (costume) must move with her. To that end, here are some ideas for a belly dancer costume:

  • The legs are usually covered, either by a long skirt or slowing pants. The fabric is often something that will look nice when the belly dancer dances, so think of satin, silk and any fabric with a tulle overlay. Your chosen fabric should also be soft, to invite touching.
  • Usually a belly dancer wears a bra top, and usually it’s a halter style. Remember, this is a sexy costume, so definitely think sexy when designing or purchasing your costume. If you’re not comfortable showing that much skin or showing your belly you can wear a silky or shiny (and close fitting) tank top or camisole top.
  • If you don’t have a long skirt or any silky pants that might work, you can always wear a pair of plain black pants, and tie a long and wide scarf around your hips. Tie it up on the side of the waist (the scarf should cover your rear, highlighting it as well). If the scarf has beads on it, all the better.
  • If coming up with your own, homemade costume is too much, consider buying one. For a fair price, you can get the pants or skirt, the top, even some jewelry and all you have to do is learn the moves, working on being a seductress.
  • As a belly dancer, you want to entice. You want to seduce. You want to invite (invite to what is up to you). So how does that happen? Think inviting and seductive hair (long waves, anyone?), and shiny and large jewelry.

Moving Like a Belly Dancer

Now, if you dress as a belly dancer, you should have at least a few moves. Don’t know any? Try this popular video for beginners to get you started. It’s all in the hips. Learn to snap your hips left and right (squeeze your rear muscles as you do) and get those hip movements so sharp and tight that your hips literally snap from side to side (the movement is even called a “hip snap”).

Along with the sharp hip snaps, think about rolling the hips around. A belly dancer finds her fortune, so to speak, in those hips. Roll them around, snap them back and forth, tighten the tummy and let those hips roll. Or watch a couple Shakira videos on Youtube – her inspiration came from watching belly dancers.

Finally, don’t forget that your belly dancing costume can be a private enjoyment as well. After you enjoy wearing the costume at the costume party, make sure you that your partner gets a new enjoyment of the costume at home. If you are wearing several layers, you can dance your way through your undressing. If you add some music, you can also add a more seductive mood. Don’t forget to be mysterious – keep your veil on as you undress or gently seduce your partner through those hip roll moves you perfected so well.

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