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Watch For Sharp Claws – Wearing a Black Cat Costume this Halloween

If your idea of a happy haunted Halloween is gracefully sashaying around the dance floor and slinking up to your partner in a seductive way, be sure to don a black cat costume.

Cats, as predators, have a mysterious way of skulking in the shadows, then pouncing onto its prey. Slinking around people for no reason can just be annoying, but as a black cat, you can make them nervous and giddy. Who will this graceful and sexy cat strike next?

The best part of the black cat costume is the mix of seductive and dangerous, sweet and sassy, harmless and predatory.

The Purfect Cat Costume

If you aren’t sure how to pull off the black cat costume, think back to Batman and the estimable character of Catwoman. She was a worthy character: lithe, slinking, and seductive all at once. She could purr you into submission and then dominate you once her claws were out.

Another comic character to consider is Black Cat, who is yes, a cat burglar, as well as Spiderman’s one-time adversary and ex-girlfriend. In either case, be prepared to wear tight-fitting leather, though you can buy a costume that is likely made of much more comfortable polyester.

If you decide on simply a black cat, it’s one of the easiest costumes to make.

First, think black. The most seductive, mysterious and interesting cat is the black cat. Plus, there’s all that lore about witchs’ black cats, the superstitions, the unlucky association and the danger .. you get where we’re going. Let’s put it this way – dressing as an orange cat for Halloween just doesn’t carry the same appeal (unless you bring lasagna).

So you start with black, and it’s something that’s tight fitting. You could start with a unitard (there might be use for that thing yet!), a leotard with black stockings, or with very slim fitting black pants and top.

Kitty Essentials

While the black base will get you started, you have to add some uniquely “cat”-essential items to your costume. Think about a tail, for instance. Your cat might have a shorter tail that’s just for looks, something to define your cat as a cat. Or you can choose a long, luxurious tail, the kind that brings more slink to your walk, more sexy to that slinky.

How about the ears? You can go simple and cute, or add pink to them so they have a plush and girly feel without being cutesy. While it’s easy to find a headband at Halloween that features cat ears, it’s even simpler to clip the ears into your hair, which is much more mature and adult looking, and therefore lends itself better to the sexy cat look as well.

Does your kitty wear a collar? Many kitties do, and the most seductive kitties will wear one that’s perhaps velvet or some other touchable fabric. She might have rhinestones on her collar, or some other fancy jewels. Don’t forget this important element – it gives extra sexy to your seductive stride.

Your paws can be black with long claws, or dainty white gloves. Coloring your nails will certainly work as well. Finally, for your footwear, they must be heels. Most cats seem to walk with invisible heels anyway. A dainty kitty will wear cute black or white heels, while a dangerous, predatory black cat will don heavy black boots to stomp over your prey.

Have a great evening, and remember, cats are most active at night!

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