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A Bun in the Oven? Blame the Sexy Costume!

So, you figure a sexy costume will make your man feel like Christmas has come early. You dress up like Rhianna in her “Umbrella” video to get things heated up in the bedroom, and because of that one night you happily find yourself shopping for a baby umbrella stroller. That’s what happens when you decide to follow advice from this month’s Cosmopolitan article about how to ‘seduce your man tonight’. The outfit and the bottle of bubbly definitely loosened you both up. Well, the experts always said to relax and “have fun when making a bun.” They were right!

But It Was All in Good Fun!

Playing dress-up definitely lightens the mood, and it prevents you from taking things too seriously. It’s about feeling free and confident in a way that you may not feel in your everyday life. If you want to experience being a mermaid or a French maid, then dress the part for your significant other. When you’re in costume, the possibilities are endless. If you’re planning for a little one, make this a night to remember! It only takes a moment to go from being a sexy gun slinger to wielding a fashionable baby sling carrier. Sometimes, trying to make a baby can get too serious. Lighten the tone and heighten the play, instead.

After Baby, Reignite the Spark

The responsibilities of having a baby doesn’t have to mean the spice is gone. Keeping your costume-wearing persona is just the thing to jump-start your love life once you are both parents. How yummy would it be to find your man dressed up in a flight suit like Tom Cruise in Top Gun or, if you’re the husband, your baby-wielding wife transformed in a Playboy bunny outfit? Make a game out of your costume play and come up with theme nights where you never know who might show up for dinner. It could be a sexy nurse or a sailor on shore leave. After baby is sound asleep, you can keep each other guessing who might show up in the bedroom this night.

If the grandparents are close by, treat yourself (and them) with an evening to yourselves by having a “sleepover at Grandma’s.” With your vehicle as a golden carriage transporting baby in the safest baby car seat in all the land, along with a portable crib, stroller and supplies, you can have a worry-free romantic night to yourselves while baby is well taken care of.

This time, though, make sure there isn’t a repeat performance of the “Rhianna-Baby” incident, unless that is exactly what you are hoping for! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Author Credit – This article has been provided courtesy of the webmaster of Great Baby Products, a website marketing Eddie Bauer baby products, personalized baby gift ideas, and a wide variety of other high quality baby merchandise.

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