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Captain America Superhero Costume

He’s the all American hero and that’s why so many people love him. Though there are plenty of superheroes out there to choose from, there’s something about Captain America that just draws people in. The patriotic costume, the presence that he has, the way that he fights crime and doesn’t put up with the bad in the world—he’s the ultimate superhero!

So it comes as no surprise that when people want to find a superhero costume that makes them feel in charge and like they can save the world, they look to him. He was such a hero to so many kids growing up and he is still as popular as ever. He became popular through the comic strip he had in the paper every week and now he’s back to the top with his new movie. So here’s how to pull off that perfect Captain America costume.

Making up the Costume

Captain America Adult CostumeSure you could go for something in the patriotic red, white, and blue uniform and try to put it together yourself. This may be harder than you think as you want the look to be just right. He was all about the blue uniform that is pretty tight fitting, so be ready for that as a man. Then it has to have the perfect white stripe or white accent underneath to carry it off well. The iconic star that he wears across his chest is his signature and what helps to identify him as the true superhero that he truly is. Then you can get a little crazy or funky with some of the accessories so long as you keep true to form.

You absolutely have to have the perfectly round shield with the star. No matter what other accessories that you throw in, this is a must as it’s a big part of who Captain America is and there’s really no substitution for that. You can find any type of head piece, preferably a blue mask that covers up everything but your eyes.

There are obviously several variations on that but this is the look that you want to strive for in your sexy costume as you pull it together. There are some that make it look more like a helmet and some that make it look more like a mask, so the choice is yours. Then you can get crazy with adding in white and red accents as blue is the basis for this patriotic superhero costume. Most men will wear the big tall boots with this to pull the look all together. They were traditionally in red, but whatever you have can make it work.

Captain America Female CostumeFemale Captain America

Though many tend to think of Captain America as only a male costume, there are plenty of female counterparts in the comic strip and movie that can be modeled after. The female part perhaps wasn’t as well known, but it lends way for the perfect patriotic superhero costume for a woman too.

You tend to find many women dressing in a blue dress or skirt that has flair to it for a sexy twist. Then a tight fitting tank top pulls it all together and of course a cape. Women can make this a fun costume with the perfect sexy twist by adding in tall boots, preferably in red. There aren’t enough women superhero costumes out there and with some fun twists and a patriotic undertone, you can really enjoy this one.

Red Skull

If you want to be the ultimate bad guy then by all means go for the Red Skull costume as he was the total villain in Captain America. This is so easy to pull off as you either find a black costume or dress all in black. The main element here is the red scary mask that makes this costume and character who he is. This is so easy to pull together and if you feel like being the villain rather than the superhero this time around, then this is a great way to try out the look.

No matter which variation you go with, this is a costume to wear proud and look good in saving the world!

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