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Cast a Spell with a Witch Costume This Halloween

Witch costumes are always popular, which means they are also a little dull. How many witches can one party hold?

We aren’t discouraging the idea; however we do have a suggestion – mix it up a bit. While there’s nothing wrong with the traditional witch in her traditional garb and with her traditional hat and broom, there’s a lot to be said for a witch that spices things up, that surprises us with her special brew of sexy, naughty and haughty.

Which Variations For Your Witch?

So how can we make the witch a bit more exciting? Let’s start with the basics – do you want your witch safe or sexy? Safe generally means a bit more traditional, while sexy can be just about anything else.

Your traditional witch will wear a black dress and a pointy black heat. She might carry a broom and have black hair. She probably has a bit of a witchy look on her face.

Tradition states witches are supposed to be ugly, because they are all evil. However, if you remove this veil, you can see that pre-Medieval witches were very sexy – think of the sorceress Morgan le Fay (King Arthur’s half-sister), the enchantress Circe who tries to beguile Odysseus, and Medea, the slighted lover of Jason in Greek myth. In pre-Christian times, witches were seen as healers and wise-women.

Sexy Witches

Want to jazz your inner witch up a bit? Let’s get started. First, dispense with the long dress that covers knees, calves and even ankles. Your surprising and sexy witch will show a little (or a lot) of leg. And maybe a little arm – don’t leave them completely bare, but consider providing them with a sheer overlay. Leave something to the imagination, you witchy woman!

You can keep the pointy hat, and even the broom, but consider showing a little cleavage along with the little bit of leg. To cast a spell, your witch must use all her particular powers.

How else can you work this witch costume? Do you remember Elvira? Other than her persona and her skin tight black dress, what exemplified her look the most? It was the long, black wig. Think Cher in the 1970s. Add a long black wig (parted down the middle, straight to the middle of the back) and you are sure to get attention.

You might even want to add some white cake makeup (not too much, though, as that might just serve to make you look ill, not sexy) to fully realize the look.

Bewitching the Crowd

When you arrive at your costume party, remember who’s in charge. The witch is the sorcerer, the temptress, the spell giver, the magician. You can cast spells on anyone who comes near. You can put anyone under your spell if you play your witch cards just right.

To cast that spell, think mysterious. A witch doesn’t put all her cards on the table; she doesn’t even give away the fact that she has cards. Nope – she’s fully captivating in her mystery. And that’s where her sexiness is found.

After the Party, with Your Partner Ensnared

What if your witchery fully captivates someone who’s coming home with you? It would be a little drear to head home and put on a flannel nightgown. Nope, your witch lasts through the night. After all, the witch’s brew is what makes her a witch, that ability to mix up a mysterious concoction and cast a spell. It would seem incomplete to play the part and not play it fully.

So, even when the party’s over, continue your roll as mysterious, sensual witch. Cast your spell and bring the enchantress into the bedroom as well.

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