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Articles and Ideas for ‘Adult Costumes for Men’

Game of Thrones Costumes

Who knew that the whole medieval era would become so popular in this day and age? This is something that has obviously been around for years and yet we have seen resurgence in this theme quite recently. Much of this has to do with the enduring popularity of Lord of the Rings, which has lead to the “Game of Thrones” becoming such a mega hit on HBO. Anything from the Game of Thrones makes for a great costume idea. If you are interested in this time period, of if you are just searching for a cool costume idea, then this is the one to try out. So get in touch with your Medieval side and watch yourself transform into a harsh maiden or sword-slaying warrior.

Back to Simplicity

The great thing about the costumes worn in this show is that they are quite simple in their execution. They take the ...

Vampire Costumes – It’s All About the Necking

Seriously, neck sucking has got to be one of the single most pleasurable things you can do with your clothes on. No wonder vampires have been doing it for hundreds of years. Even Geisha girls leave some of the nape of their neck bare, without makeup. Are they inviting vampire attacks? I would. Vampires, like the aristocratic Count Dracula, can turn into bats and fly. How sexy is that? Isn’t flying one of the most common dreams / fantasies? And the idea of flying away with your vampire lover to the top of some abandoned medieval castle just reeks of romance. That whole living undead thing and stealing cows and rats, not so much. Thank goodness for role-playing. You can pick and choose which elements of vampirism you like best.

The Allure of the Vampire

Vampires are the ultimate bad boys. ...

Be Generous this Halloween – Dress as Robin Hood

Whether he was real or imaginary, Robin Hood left an imprint on society, both in the medieval area and today’s contemporary culture. Maybe it’s the idea that this merry man and his band of equally merry men were able to do so much for so many, or maybe it’s the lore of a happy band of guys running through the country creating justice and doing away with tyranny. Whatever the appeal, it’s something that endures today. That means that Robin Hood is a popular costume choice for Halloween. In costume, you can add merriment to the party and enjoy sparking fun and excitement by creating a fun environment for all. Interested in bring Robin Hood to life this Halloween? It’s not too difficult to do, if you understand the character.

Being Robin Hood For Halloween

Robin Hood was thought to be an outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. He ...

A Medieval Costume – Be a King or Jester this Halloween

Fun Halloween costumes aren’t just for women. Men can have fun with dressing up, getting into character, and enjoying a little acting and roleplay, too. One of the easiest and most enjoyable costumes for men relate to anything Medieval. These costumes (like king, courtier, knight, etc.) are easy to put together, easy to role play, and fun to wear. How can you make these medieval costumes come to life? First, you have to figure out which costume suits you the best. Do you feel like being more of a fighting knight than a commanding king? A fancy courtier or a silly court jester? Find a costume that fits your personal character, or find one that’s completely contrary to your character. Not only will this be fun to roleplay, but it will be surprising to those who know and expect certain reactions from you. That’s what Halloween is all about, after all ...

Adventuring in an Indiana Jones Costume

Indiana Jones has a rugged look. To become Indiana Jones, make sure you skip your morning shave for a few days. Your wife or girlfriend will want to kiss you but refrain because it hurts. The tension will build up until she can’t take it any more. Indiana's knowledge of the ways of the wild is irresistible. He’s also well versed in the ways of men and greed. No matter where a girl goes with him, she will be safe. Unless there are snakes nearby, of course!

Indiana Jones' Hat

Of course, it all starts with the hat. Indiana’s hat is a brown wool fedora with a washed out black hatband. Surely, when the hat was new, the band would have been darker. New things don’t come in such an off shade of faded black, do they? You can quick-fade a hatband by letting ...

Get Ready to Loot in a Viking Costume

Feel like looting and pillaging the village this Halloween? Consider being a Viking warrior! Valhalla needs new recruits. A Viking costume can be as elaborate or as basic as you want. What’s important is that you truly embrace the Viking experience, and this means calling out the inner warrior inside. Before putting on a football helmet, remember that the Vikings were heathen Scandinavian warriors from around the 8th to 11th centuries A.D. Also called the Norse, they raid and colonized much of Northern Europe, including the British Isles, Normandy and around to Sicily. They explored as far as Newfoundland in Canada, Constantinople in Turkey and even reached as far as Baghdad. If you're Norse, be proud! Acknowledge their heroic spirit by being one for the evening. For that, you can simply put on a horned Viking helmet and party like it's 1099, but Odin would want you to be ...

Batman, the Dark Knight Costume

Dressing as the Dark Knight this Halloween is as easy as adopting a brooding mood, a death to avenge and an overriding desire to save the world (or at least your part of the world). Ok, so maybe you don’t need to be quite that serious in a Halloween costume, but let’s face it – the Dark Knight is dark. And really, many women also find him quite hot and sexy, so if you want to add some particular action to your Halloween, don this special costume and watch the ladies fall at your black boots. To truly play up this costume, remember this – Bruce Wayne is a playboy underneath all that armor. His serious and dark exterior belies his desire to welcome female attraction with open arms.

The Dark, Moody Costume

But there’s still that dark exterior to deal with. To bring this costume and character to life, purchase a Dark ...

Evil Joker a Fun, Demented Costume This Halloween

Looking to have a little evil fun this Halloween? There’s no better costume with which to become an evil jokester than the ultimate prankster himself, The Joker. With the phenomenal success of the Batman movie, “The Dark Knight”, and the interesting and tragic story of Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker, this is a costume that’s perfectly in tune with popular culture right now.

"Wanna play?"

To play The Joker, it’s important to remember where The Joker comes from. First and foremost, he’s demented. Traditional Batman lore tells us that The Joker is someone (an unidentified someone) who became physically disfigured after an accident involving acid or some other destructive substance. His disfigurement makes him live in a way that is morally reprehensible and, to many residents of Gotham City, terrifying. Batman’s archenemy, The Joker is evil to the core, and finds great humor in his acts of inhumanity on ...

Do You Have a License For That? Police Halloween Costumes

It's time to bust out the handcuffs! This Halloween, you'll be on everyone's radar when you dress up as a sexy cop. Everyone loves a man in uniform and the sense of authority that just exudes from an officer, so play it up with some serious cop costumes. This article is all about the best ideas for a police Halloween costume, how to play the role of a police officer this Halloween, and fun ways to take your authority figure role from the party to the bedroom.

Police Costumes – How To

Your Halloween cop costume can be sexy, funny, or even straight and serious. Regardless of your cop style, any and all officers should never forget their handcuffs, the ultimate tool for restraining very bad girls. Keep reading for tips on how to pull off the different cop styles this Halloween. The Sexy Cop: There's no question that ...

Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a parody musical that quickly exploded into a cult classic in the 1970s. Combining horror with humor and wild concepts with even crazier characters, the movie is wrapped in sexual overtones. Still playing in movie theaters over 30 years since its original release, RHPS is a global hit. Fans wait with antici...(say it!)...pation for annual Halloween screenings and line up for weekly shows. Keep reading for great ideas on a Rocky Horror Picture Show costume, the story of the film and its cultural phenomenon, and more tips on how to play the Rocky Horror part.

Rocky Horror Picture Show – The Film

Where can you see a transvestite from the planet Transexual in the galaxy of Transylvania, a cryogenically-frozen motorbike racer, and Frankenstein's ...

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