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Articles and Ideas for ‘Adult Fantasy Costumes’

“Beary” Sexy Costumes

Dressing up as a sexy care bear or Winnie the Pooh can give you the soft and cute look that you are going for. There are multiple different sexy care bear costumes in different colors, like grumpy and cheer bear. Grumpy is blue and cheer bear is pink. You’ll definitely look adorable with your matching bear ears and dress. These would also be perfect for a group of friends that want to dress up like each other. Here is some of the different care bear looks you and a group of girlfriends can wear to stand out and be sexy in: Bed time bear - This adorable bear is blue and is responsible for helping everyone get to sleep. He also wears a purple and yellow night cap ...

Get the Fur Flying With These Wild Costumes

If you want to try something different than the traditional super hero or villain costume, you could try out a "wild" costume. These looks are fun and there is no set way of achieving this look. You could make your own by mixing different accessories and colors. Here are some sassy adult costume ideas in this genre: Polka Dotty: The bright purple and light blue in the Polka Dotty costume are sure to make you stand out this Halloween. You’ll also look adorable with a pretty polka dot dress with a frilly tutu. Being polka dotty for Halloween is the perfect combination of scary and sweet. It’s scary because you are a monster and sweet because of the playful design and colors. You can also pair this costume with some bright blue fishnet stockings that will have men drooling. Melody Monster: Another fierce look for Halloween 2012 is ...

Woodland Fairy Costumes

This tends to the adult and much more sensual version of a fantasy costume. Whereas little girls love to dress up as princesses, grown-up girls love to dress up as fairies. Though these characters exist in a natural setting, they offer great mystery and allure to them. Perhaps that is what draws in so many women into this costume idea. If you want to embrace the most exotic and yet most beautiful woman costume idea out there, then this may be your best bet.

The Perfect Little Fairy

Though you could make your own, there are some great costumes out there if you decide that you really want to be a fairy. There is a great line of Amy Brown costumes based on her drawings surrounding ...

Queen of the Butterflies

Many of us fixate on the typical costumes each and every year if we want to look feminine, pretty, or even sexy. Women tend to gravitate towards princess or even fairy costumes because they seem to embrace everything beautiful about being a woman and yet they can even have special accents added to make them on the sexy side. The truth is that there is one costume idea that is often overlooked and it works quite well for that perfect womanly costume. Have you ever considered dressing the part of a butterfly? This is the ultimate feminine costume as it’s cute, it’s flowy, and it can be a really fun way to dress up for that next costume party.

Natural Grace at Play

Sometimes the most beautiful and sexiest costumes are the ones that embrace ...

Sexy Gothic Costumes

Maybe you went through the Goth phase when you were in school. So many of us that may be conservative or grown up now, likely went through this dark and strange phase. It was different, it was mysterious, and it was really fun to dress in all black and look a certain way. This was a way of life for many of us and though we often outgrow it, we tend to look back and remember what fun it was. Though we don’t often dress this way as adults, we can look to this trend or phase for the perfect sexy costume idea. When was the last time that you dressed up as your favorite Gothic character? When was the last time that you dressed in all black and looked mysterious? Well get out your best dark side and turn it sexy as these are the sexiest and likely ...

Fairytale Cinderella Costumes

Halloween is a popular festival with adults and kids. When else will you get an opportunity to dress in as your favourite fantasy characters and enjoy whole night with friends and family? The preparation of Halloween, that’s why, begins early. And the important part of the preparations is costumes. There is no dearth of costume ideas for women. If you too are mulling over or are scratching your head to pick on the right Halloween costume, go for a fairytale theme and choose a Cinderella costume, which are available for adults.

An Evening at the Fairy tale Ball

The costumes have all the necessary features to pass of as an excellent Halloween dress. It is classical, attractive and will look good on any woman. Secondly, it is of one of the most popular fictional characters, and every girl ...

Looking Tempting in a Red Riding Hood Costume

If you’re not familiar with the story, Little Red Riding Hood is sent into the woods with a basket full of goodies to deliver to her sick grandmother. As she scampers along through woodland trails, a big bad wolf stalks her. Throughout the story, he attempts to get a cookie from her basket and she says no. Determined to get some of her goodies, he sneaks into the Grandmother’s house and gobbles up the grandmother. He then puts on Grandma’s clothes and lies in bed, waiting for Little Red. When she arrives, she can tell something is amiss, and naively states “Grandmother, what big eyes you have…” and then remarks about Grandmother’s nose and teeth, at which point the Wolf says “Al the better to eat you with!” and he chases her around the bed and finally eats her up. A lumberjack overhears the ...

Seaing Yourself in a Sexy Mermaid Costume

Mermaids are known for singing to sailors with their hypnotic voices, and causing them to crash into the rocks. There are similar stories of beautiful mermaids squeezing the life out of seamen who try to join them in a swim. Some believe it’s a malicious attack, others think they simply don’t realize humans can’t breathe underwater. The Australian TV series H20 has brought a renewed interest in mermaids and costumes, and in the last few years sexy mermaid costumes have replaced the cute Ariel-looking costumes that once dominated the mermaid-wear market since the 90’s.

Mermaids and Sexuality

Mermaids have occupied the sexual fantasies of men for centuries. Perhaps it’s because they have such long, luxurious hair. Maybe it’s just because they’re topless! It could also be because they were the closest things to a woman that a long seafaring man might hope to encounter. Either way, there ...

Renaissance Faires

Couples looking to spice up their love lives might consider heading out to a Rennaisance faire. We know, we know. It doesn’t sound like something that will serve to improve your love life, but hear us out. Couples who go to Renaisance faires often dress the part, and enjoy wearing costumes that take them into another world. You can be a little dangerous, a little naughty, or a little innocent and sweet. Do you see how this might add a little fun to your own personal life? Renaissance faires have been around for more than 50 years, but have experienced a real resurgence in interest in recent years. Mostly held in the summer, people head out to Renaissance faires to enjoy watching a variety of authentic period activities like jousting, jugglers, magicians and musicians. Although you might hear of a Renaissance faire being held in the town over in an empty parking ...

Spring Into These Costume Ideas

Ahh, spring is in the air - birds and bees, gardens coming alive, and sultry fairies flying from flower to flower ... Okay, maybe I had a bit too much of the "Green Fairy", but spring brings to mind many fun and sexy nature-themed fantasy costumes. Thinking about getting a little naughty in your private garden? A spring-themed costume might help spice things up! Here's a couple ideas to think about:

The Naughty Nymph

The first costume that comes to mind is a garden nymph. Perhaps this sexy nymph can instill good wishes and feelings into your spring garden. For the nymph costume, you might dress in a princess-styled dress but with a shorter skirt, perhaps a bare midriff, and lots of flowers. Flowers should circle the head, the waist and anywhere else that they might accentuate not only the sexy curves of the nymph, but provide sufficient decoration. A nymph would ...

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