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Articles and Ideas for ‘Couples Costumes’

Sexy Mortal Kombat Costumes

Mortal Kombat is a series of fighting video games that were originally offered on arcade games. Thanks to its great success, it has also been turned into comic strips, stories, and movies. Mortal Kombat costumes are sexy for both men and woman because you can look tough and show some skin at the same time. Here are some of the top mortal kombat costumes for this year:

Scorpion Costume

Most people would agree that the most popular Mortal Kombat character is Scorpion. Although his father originally forbade Scorpion from becoming an assassin, he continued in order to make a comfortable life for his wife and child. Unfortunately, it is his job that ultimately separates him from his family. Scorpion is a relatable character because he is not all good or all evil. He often does what’s best, although he does it for his own personal reasons. Unlike other mortal kombat characters, ...

Sexy Couples Costume Ideas For 2012

Instead of showing up mismatched, you and your significant other should try a sexy couples costume. There are plenty of dynamic duos from movies and television you and your partner can emulate. Here are some couples' costume ideas: Snow White and the Huntsman: These couple costumes are absolute best for dark haired beauties with fair skin and a strong, bold man. You can be his damsel in distress for the night as he sweeps you off of your feet. Principal and the Naughty school girl: Fulfill you or your mate’s wildest fantasy by dressing up as the principal and a naughty school girl. He can punish you as the night goes on for ‘being bad.’ Pair some white-knee high stockings with a plaid skirt and pig tails and you will definitely achieve the innocent look. For a fun twist, go as an undead principal and school girl! ...

Sexy Fantasy Warriors

The hottest way for a couple to make their entrance to a Halloween party this year is by matching an exotic female’s costume with a male’s warrior costume. You can be your hero’s damsel in distress by dressing sexy while he looks rough and tough. Some of this year’s most popular looks are inspired by movie and television characters from the Game of Thrones, Clash of the Titans and John Carter. Also look for inspiration in the ultimate of damsel and warrior fantasies, Conan the Barbarian. During these time periods (Game of the Thrones being the most realistic), women dressed elegantly while the men were dressed for war. Together, you'll make a powerful and sexy couple nobody will want to mess with!

Inspiration from the Game of Thrones

One inspired look from the Game of Thrones is the ...

Halloween Party for Two – Timeless Couples Costumes

If you’re planning to go to a Halloween party as a couple, check out some of these timeless themed costume ideas, both from history and from the imagination.

Roman theme - Antony & Cleopatra

A Roman warrior falling for a resplendent queen dressed in white robes with gold trim. Add a wreath of basil or ivy on your head and wear a lot of gold jewelry, and you’ll be Anthony and Cleopatra. Strappy leather sandals and a short black haircut (or wig) complete the look. Antony was a Roman general fighting against Octavian (later Augustus) for the Roman throne. Cleopatra was the Queen of Egypt but their love, as told by Shakespeare, transcended space and time. Antony said that other women may satisfy him, but Cleopatra left him thirsty for more. It’s no wonder the Italians have such an amorous reputation!

Greek theme - Zeus and Hera

Ancient Greece’s Mythological god and ...

Going as Beauty and the Beast on Halloween

When Disney remade the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, parents enjoyed the film just as much as children did. The base of the story strikes a chord that resonates within all of us. Everyone has a dark fairy tale side. First, there’s the part about seeing beauty within someone that looks like a beast. Everyone in the world is seeing something horrible in this person, and you are the lucky girl who sees a treasure inside. That one factor could possibly be the base of a large percentage of dysfunctional relationships. Falling in love with someone who’s not quite perfect is definitely not a new phenomenon. The twist that makes Beauty and the Beast so alluring is that the Beast falls for the girl and tries, with all his might, to suppress his animal instincts and become a prince for her. In Disney’s ...

Be Generous this Halloween – Dress as Robin Hood

Whether he was real or imaginary, Robin Hood left an imprint on society, both in the medieval area and today’s contemporary culture. Maybe it’s the idea that this merry man and his band of equally merry men were able to do so much for so many, or maybe it’s the lore of a happy band of guys running through the country creating justice and doing away with tyranny. Whatever the appeal, it’s something that endures today. That means that Robin Hood is a popular costume choice for Halloween. In costume, you can add merriment to the party and enjoy sparking fun and excitement by creating a fun environment for all. Interested in bring Robin Hood to life this Halloween? It’s not too difficult to do, if you understand the character.

Being Robin Hood For Halloween

Robin Hood was thought to be an outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. He ...

Antony and Cleopatra Costumes this Halloween

One of the most famous couples in history, Antony and Cleopatra had a passionate affair that is the stuff of legend - she as queen of Egypt, he as dashing commander of Rome. With her sensuous white dress and his rugged military uniform, their outfits and their romance makes a perfect Halloween couples costume! The story of Mark Antony and Cleopatra is all about power, desire and, ultimately, tragedy. Cleopatra, last queen of Egypt, puts Anthony under her spell, and they are on the losing side in a battle against the Roman Empire. In a twist similar to that of Romeo and Juliet – Antony hears false rumors of Cleopatra's death, and kills himself. When she finds this out, she uses an asp to join her lover in the afterlife. The passion, high romance and ultimate ...

How to Get a Date with a Gladiator

Gladiator Costumes For Your Man

Dust off your grittiest toga and leather sandals and treat yourself to a day at the spa. Women in ancient Rome spent hours at the public bath to prepare for their men, so it’s only right that you spend a day at the spa. Imagine, as you’re being pampered, that your man is working out in preparation for battle. You might be able to whip him into shape by handing him a gladiator workout video a few months before your Halloween party. Make sure he knows how sexy you find a good old-fashioned Spartan man. Offer to do the workout with him, just so you can watch his muscles ripple. Or better yet, sit down with a glass of Italian wine and watch the workout video. You can do that with or without him. To get in the ...

Sexy couples and Unique Costume Ideas

There are certainly many “expected” costumes you can choose this Halloween, but it’s always good to do things in an unexpected way. For couples, there are many sexy choices, those that will raise a few eyebrows and create a few laughs. First, when attending a costume party as a couple, it’s necessary to consider how the male and female costumes work together. Going as a cowboy and cowgirl makes sense. Going as a cowboy and a ghost? It doesn’t work as well. Once you know you’re doing couples costumes, have some fun with it. Make it silly sexy, funny sexy, or goofy sexy. It is Halloween, after all. Let’s look at some unique costume ideas:

Zorro and Senorita

Make sure Zoro gets his girl this Halloween. He dresses in all black – black pants, black shirt, black cape. Add a mask and sword and he’s ready to lasso his sexy senorita. That sexy senorita, ...

Joining the Mile-High Club – In Costume

Have you ever dreamed of getting off after taking off? You’re not alone - the lore of the Mile High club is alive and healthy, as more and more people take the risk of doing it at 30,000 feet. You can keep your feet on the ground (or however you prefer to do it) and still get the effect of the sky high fun. How? Costumes and roleplay, that’s how. Let’s look at some ideas. First, it’s important to keep a few things in mind when you recreate a Mile High experience at home. When doing it on a plane there’s an element of danger and excitement about possibly being discovered, getting away with it or, best of all, getting away with it while some passengers know you did it but are either too embarrassed or two jealous to say anything! The space in which you join the Mile High club ...

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