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Articles and Ideas for ‘Devils and Angels’

Don a Halo and Be an Angel this Halloween

You don’t have to be an angel to dress like one this Halloween. There are many angel costume choices available to the wanna-be angel just dying to come out of you. She might be a truly angelic type with white wings and a halo. She might be a brooding dark angel with a black dress. Either way, you have to find the right costume for you and the right method for getting into character.

Which Angel Do You Want to Be?

First let’s consider your costume. What kind of angel do you want to be? If you want to stick with what’s more common, choose the white angel. She’s sweet, innocent and brings a fair amount of charm to the party. But that’s not to say she’s boring. In fact, you could argue she’s quite the opposite. If you are at all familiar with the Madonna/whore concept, you know that an ...

Christmas Angel Costume Ideas

If you’re looking for a sexy costume this Christmas, try dressing as a Christmas angel. Whether you’re donning white lingerie for the bedroom or looking for the right costume to wear to a fancy dress, an angel costume will do the trick. This article will show you how to put together a party-appropriate sexy angel costume as well as a sexier version for the bedroom. So, keep reading for tips on how to dress as a sexy Christmas Angel for both your holiday events and the privacy of your own bedroom.

Christmas Angel Costumes for a Party

If you’ve been invited to a fancy dress party this winter, opt for a sexy angel’s costume. You can create your own by accessorizing a short, white dress with store-bought wings or you can easily purchase a variety of party-suitable angel costumes online. Give your sexy angel costume a more adult and ...

The Devil in You: Great Devil Halloween Costumes

If you want to be really bad this Halloween, it doesn't get much naughtier than the devil. Sexy devil costumes are a great choice for parties because they're easily recognizable, sexy and still playful. They let you play the part of the temptress (or tempter) and have fun with it. We're going to go over the basics of great devil Halloween costumes, how to play the part for men and women, and some hot costume finds that are available online.

Key Elements of a Truly Evil Devil Costume

When we think of devils, most of us imagine that stereotypical little guy in red with the pointy ears, horns, a tail, and maybe a pitchfork. This is the look you want. It's instantly recognizable and very adaptable to your own unique style. If you're purchasing your devil costume online, try adding your own touches like red fishnets and ...

Great Ideas for Sexy Angel Costumes

Traditionally, angels had no gender, but that sexless image changed drastically by the early nineteenth century. Angels in popular culture began to be depicted as mostly female, and were eventually sexualized in modern media. The concept of a fallen angel or a 'heavenly devil' is a classic pin-up image, one popularized in the 1950s, and includes angel Halloween costumes. In other religions, angels can also take on a more sexual aura, like in the Baha'i tradition where the powerful Maiden of Heaven, an angel figure, is depicted as a very sexually desirable symbol. Though innocent and pure, the angel image is one submersed in sexual imagery. If you're looking for ideas for sexy angel costumes, tips on playing the part of the devilish angel, and great couples' costumes ideas for aspiring angels, then keep on reading!

Dressing The Part of the Sexy Angel

The two basic elements of a ...

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