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Articles and Ideas for ‘Halloween’

Have a Scary Sexy Halloween

When you’re young, Halloween is all about the candy, whose house gives out the best, and how much more you can get than your sibling before the night is through. As you get older, the holiday becomes all about the costumes. More specifically, it’s about looking good and feeling sexy in another persona for one night of the year. Everyone looks forward to peeping costumes and showcasing their own at Halloween parties, and this year you’re going to make some jaws drop. Lose your inhibitions, dare to bare, and feel confident while doing so with these tips on how to have a scary sexy Halloween.

Slip into a Sexy Stereotypical Costume

These days, pretty much anything can be made into a sexy Halloween costume. There are sexy bees, sexy nuns, and sexy Ms. ...

Top 11 Sexy Costumes for 2011

2011 has got to be the year of the sexiest costumes! This makes for a really fun trend with Halloween upon us as there are so many wild and wonderful ones to choose from. If you are interested in knowing what the absolute hottest and sexiest costumes are then check out our list. Many are inspired by movies and they are all sure to please with the fun little undertones and customization you can use to really make this your own.

1. Pirates

Though we’ve already seen several installments of the Pirates of the Caribbean, this latest installment really grabbed our attention. You can find so many variations of Jack Sparrow or Angelica costumes that there is surely something to fit your personality. As a woman you can go for the low cut top, tight skirt and tall boots to really spice it up. As a man, the swashbuckling look for ...

Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes

So, the costume party is tonight and you don’t have a costume? Or maybe you’re a procrastinator and just want to be sure you won’t foul up at the last minute? Don’t worry, there are plenty of cute costumes you can whip up on short notice. Use these inspiring tips to come up with quick and easy Halloween costumes that look like you spent hours piecing together.

The Secretary and the CEO Costume

If you happen to have a corporate-style business suit, open the top few buttons and wear it with your highest heels. An updo with a few hanging tendrils, a pair of dark-rimmed glasses and nylon panty hose with a seam up the back complete the look. As you put the look together, ask yourself “If I walked out of the store room like this, would the girls giggle?” Carry a briefcase, a ...

Top costumes for Halloween 2008

Heading to a costume party this year? Looking for the best sexy costume? You've come to the right place. Finding the right sexy costume is as much about sexy as it is about being on top of trends, popular culture and what’s interesting and sexy to other people. For this year, we interviewed costume suppliers, watched the best movies, browsed the Internet and used other very scientific methods to pick the 10 top sexy costumes for 2008. They all have their merits of tapping into what many of us consider hot, hot, hot!

The Joker

He’s just the big, bad villain this year and you can have some fun bringing this spiteful and nasty character to life. This requires some makeup, and a few turns around the comic track, but as so many of us like the bad boys, he’s worth the effort. The Joker is the ...

Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a parody musical that quickly exploded into a cult classic in the 1970s. Combining horror with humor and wild concepts with even crazier characters, the movie is wrapped in sexual overtones. Still playing in movie theaters over 30 years since its original release, RHPS is a global hit. Fans wait with antici...(say it!)...pation for annual Halloween screenings and line up for weekly shows. Keep reading for great ideas on a Rocky Horror Picture Show costume, the story of the film and its cultural phenomenon, and more tips on how to play the Rocky Horror part.

Rocky Horror Picture Show – The Film

Where can you see a transvestite from the planet Transexual in the galaxy of Transylvania, a cryogenically-frozen motorbike racer, and Frankenstein's ...

Vampiress Costume Ideas

Take a real bite out of your prey this Halloween. The vampiress is the ultimate Halloween costume, one that combines a seductive and sexy appeal with the darkness and gore of the holiday. This article includes some great background on the vampire costume, ideas on how to make your vampiress costume really pop, and tips on how to play the part of the sexy vampire this Halloween.

Vampire History

Deeply rooted in Slavic and European folklore, the vampire is an old legend. However, the classic image of the vampire and vampiress was made popular and solidified mostly by Bram Stoker's classic, Dracula. By combining imagery and stories from the multitude of vampire folk tales, Stoker created the Vampire persona, one soaked in undertones of sex, death, and blood. The vampire's urge for blood is almost matched by a seemingly insatiable sexual desire and a hyper sense of sensuality. While the ...

Creative Halloween Costumes

Do you want to make a unique statement this Halloween? Maybe, you're looking to win first prize at a Halloween costume contest? Well then, it's time to get creative. Keep reading for great ideas for creative Halloween costumes, ways to build on pre-made costumes, and how you really can step up your Halloween look with makeup and accessories.

Creative Costume Ideas

Some of the most unique Halloween costume ideas are the simplest. They start with something basic, but with a twist of originality and a bit of elbow grease, they become award winners. Here are some stand-out, but still simple Halloween costume ideas: The Clumsy School Girl: Start this costume with a basic but sexy school girl uniform. You can purchase a variety of different styles online or make your own. Then use body paste to glue bits of glass and broken pencils to your skin and clothes. Add a ...

Popular Halloween Costumes for 2007

The hot trends for Halloween change every year. Often based on hit movies, political events, sex symbols, mega-stars and popular culture - the popular Halloween costumes are usually a reflection on that year's events. So, if you want to be a superhero, pirate, or wizard this Halloween, keep reading for great movie Halloween costumes and the hottest sellers for 2007.

This Halloween's Bestseller Costumes

Hollywood always seems to dictate style, even on Halloween. This year's list of the bestselling costumes is all about the movie magic, from sexy, sixties' dance queens to daring swashbucklers.

Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween Costumes

With the release of the latest movie, it appears the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise may be wrapping up, but Jack Sparrow and pirate costumes are still super hot. The main character, played by Johnny Depp, blends a daring pirate persona with the magic and mystique that shrouds Halloween, making it ...

Getting Hot in Bed Sheets – Costumes and Theme Party Ideas

Theme parties are all the rage, and Halloween is the obvious time to see them marked off on your calendar. Wouldn't it be fun to have everyone show up as their favorite super hero? Or have a Hollywood theme party and everyone comes as a long gone Hollywood icon?

Bed Sheets as Part of Your Party Theme

Whatever your desire, from making a better pirate than Captain Jack Sparrow to dressing as a skimpy Roman senator, an easy and cheap way to decorate your house is using your bed sheets! Recreate the ultimate toga party and strip your bed to break away from the mundane. Drunken frat boys are optional. The satin bedding in your room will get new life as a Grecian dress with a few gold accessories. Take those California king waterbed sheets and drape them over oversized pillows or couch cushions to create a ...

The Devil in You: Great Devil Halloween Costumes

If you want to be really bad this Halloween, it doesn't get much naughtier than the devil. Sexy devil costumes are a great choice for parties because they're easily recognizable, sexy and still playful. They let you play the part of the temptress (or tempter) and have fun with it. We're going to go over the basics of great devil Halloween costumes, how to play the part for men and women, and some hot costume finds that are available online.

Key Elements of a Truly Evil Devil Costume

When we think of devils, most of us imagine that stereotypical little guy in red with the pointy ears, horns, a tail, and maybe a pitchfork. This is the look you want. It's instantly recognizable and very adaptable to your own unique style. If you're purchasing your devil costume online, try adding your own touches like red fishnets and ...

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