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Articles and Ideas for ‘Mardi Gras’

Mardi Gras Masks: Behind the Costumes

The allure of Mardi Gras is all about being something or someone else. The infamous Fat Tuesday even hides behind another name! Whether you find yourself hanging on Bourbon Street or following in the steps of a Krewe, Mardi Gras is about releasing your alter-ego. That custom holds through a long history of Mardi Gras masks and costumes.

With a tradition going back over 300 years, the annual Mardi Gras party has some well established rituals. Even the naughtier “girls flashing for beads” custom is nothing really new; city elders railed against the ‘debauchery’ even in the 1890s. That 300-year history includes a proud tradition of intricate Mardi Gras costumes that go beyond the sinful and into the truly artistic.

One of the most colorful Mardi Gras traditions is the tradition of wearing wonderfully designed and way over-the-top masks. In fact, the tradition of wearing a mask ...

How to Plan the Ultimate Mardi Gras Party

Looking to host the fat party of the year? Hunting for the perfect Mardi Gras costumes? Three hundred years of Mardi Gras traditions can’t be wrong, so base your party planning this year on true customs from Rio to New Orleans.


Start with the invitations. Prepare your party as if it were one of the Mardi Gras’ Society Balls. Choose a theme, much like the Krewes of New Orleans do, and have everything you prepare reflect it. As party hosts, you may choose yourselves as King and Queen of the Ball, or throw the party in honor of friends. Purchase specialty Mardi Gras Ball printed invitations. Receiving one of these invitations is a great honor down in New Orleans. With special planning, yours will be too.

Costumes and Props

Costumes are a must. Require your guests to come in full Mardi Gras regalia, including masks. This will add an exotic touch ...

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