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Articles and Ideas for ‘Pirate Costumes’

Sexy Plus Size Pirate Costumes

Big is beautiful! You hear this more and more and it’s because people are finally accepting that most women are not a size zero. This is a trend that is becoming widely accepted and that is showing up in fashion and abroad more and more. If you happen to be a plus sized man or woman, there are some great ways to embrace this through costumes. One of the most popular costume types that we see showing up for plus sized individuals is pirates. Not only is this a fun theme in general but the attire works well for any size. So if you want to show off your plus size figure and dress the part of the sexy pirate, here are a few ideas to make that happen.

Friendly Fit and Comfortable Too

Whether you’ve embraced your plus sized figure or not, there are some great aspects to the pirate costume. ...

Sexy Pirate Costumes

Pirates are always sexy and this is due in large part to the fact that they are always the adventurous type who are usually villainous. They may be trying to save the world, but they are also often up to no good. This is why so many men and women want to dress up as pirates at a costume party because it’s just so fun to be bad! When we look at some of the sexiest pirate costumes out there it’s all about taking a fundamental idea and then running with it. You can have people walking the plank in no time if you embrace this overall theme and then have fun with it. Did everyone love Johnny Depp because his is costume so hot? While that may have been part of it, this really had more to do with the fact that his character is edgy, funny, adventurous ...

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Strapped for time and looking for some quick and easy Halloween costumes you can put together for an upcoming party? Or perhaps you're simply not the kind of person who gets into planning elaborate getups or sewing complex and extravagant costumes. That's fine, there are a number of easy Halloween costume ideas that you can put together quickly and simply.

Buying Premade Costumes

Probably the most simple method of putting together a Halloween costume quickly is to order something premade. You can go online, find the costume you want, click, pay, and have it at your door in a day or two. That's fast. No traffic, no sewing, no stores, no mess, no wondering about limited selection, and no hassle. You're in and you're out. From movie-quality mascots and elaborate mermaid costumes to the bare-bones basics, it's all there and easily sorted by brands, categories, sizes, and popularity. Personally, ...

Pirate Costumes! Here’s Some Ideas to Live on the High Seas of Your Party

Hollywood found the ultimate treasure chest with Pirates of the Caribbean. Jack Sparrow and his dreadlocks are now found at every door during Halloween and every costume party. And for good reason - pirates give the sexy allure of adventure, danger, and excitement on the high seas! Command your own ship, invade merchant vessels with cannons booming, overpower military galleons (just to be brazen), and plunder gold and goods. Not to mention doing all this among the backdrop of hot tropical skies, blue ocean, white sandy beaches and hidden treasure. Honestly, who doesn't dream the life of a pirate? The Hollywood version, of course! Pirates have enjoyed a glorious renaissance in the last few years, and costume manufacturers have jumped to the demand with creative, elaborate and sexy costumes. From authentic Jack Sparrow outfits to lacy female captains and lusty tavern wenches, you'll be sure to recruit yourself ...

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