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Articles and Ideas for ‘Plus Size Costumes’

Sexy Plus Size Pirate Costumes

Big is beautiful! You hear this more and more and it’s because people are finally accepting that most women are not a size zero. This is a trend that is becoming widely accepted and that is showing up in fashion and abroad more and more. If you happen to be a plus sized man or woman, there are some great ways to embrace this through costumes. One of the most popular costume types that we see showing up for plus sized individuals is pirates. Not only is this a fun theme in general but the attire works well for any size. So if you want to show off your plus size figure and dress the part of the sexy pirate, here are a few ideas to make that happen.

Friendly Fit and Comfortable Too

Whether you’ve embraced your plus sized figure or not, there are some great aspects to the pirate costume. ...

Plus Size Renaissance Romance for Halloween

Who says they don’t make them like that anymore? During the renaissance and medieval period, the skinny gals padded their bums because meaty was in style. Robust was the flavor of the day. Renaissance costumes are designed to accentuate a girl’s curves. Instead of “a few extra pounds,” the renaissance girls had “more to love” with several layers of flowing fabric, gowns in dramatic colors with romantic accents like bodices, petticoats, puffy sleeves and doublets. The ample bosoms and voluptuous lines of Rubens and other Baroque artists are testaments of what is ideal beauty.

European Nobleman and Woman

Recreating a Renaissance or Baroque style can take many forms. You can dress as a European noblewoman in fine brocade fabric with a long, flowing cape, skirt and tight bodice with a collar completely covering your neck. High powdered up wigs and large, bulky jewels make you stand ...

Finding Disney Plus Size Costumes

For the full-figured and beautiful woman, finding the right Halloween costume doesn't have to be a nightmare. Sexy and pretty plus-size costumes are just as easy to find and make, especially online, as the size 0's filling the racks at traditional retailers. In this article, we'll cover the right costume styles to flatter your body shape, tips on where to find Disney plus size costumes online, and plus size costume ideas.

Picking a Costume Style for the Full-Figured Woman

Most plus-sized women's greatest assets are their curves, killer legs, and a classic shape. If you're going to be sporting one of the Disney XXL costumes this Halloween, here's how to find a fit that flatters: The best way to create a thinner silhouette is to accentuate the waist and emphasize those curves. Look for a costume that has a clear waist, like a ball gown or a corset. Luckily, most fairy ...

Finding Great XXL Costumes

For the full-figured, finding plus-sized Halloween costumes can be a nightmare. Everyone seems to want to dress you up as a pumpkin or Santa Claus. But, XXL costumes don't have to be frumpy or stereotypical, and there are a huge variety of great plus sized costumes available today. In this article, we'll cover fantastic and flattering Halloween costumes for both full figure men and women, and how to find them.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Plus-Sized Men

The plus-sized man has many costume options, from sexy to bad-ass to downright hilarious. For a romantic and rugged style, try a costume like the Scotsman warrior. Simple to put together and available in sizes ranging from XL to 3X, the Scotsman will give you that barbarous rogue look, and it won't strap you in a pair of tights either. To really invoke the Braveheart spirit, match it with some comfy sandals, a ...

Finding the Right Womens’ Plus Size Costume

Sexy plus size costumes are just as easy to put together as small and skimpy ones. The key is working with your assets and absolute confidence. In this article, we'll go over great styles to flatter your body type and some womens' plus size costumes that really work.

Picking the Right Costume Style for the Plus Size Woman

As a plus sized woman, you greatest assets are curves, skin, and absolute stop-dead gorgeous voluptuousness. So, work it already! Here's how: Cleavage: You got it, flaunt it. Pick a sexy costume with an off the shoulder or strapless look that's going to not only accentuate your collarbone, but also add a lot of sexy 'oomph' right where you want it. So many plus-size women are tempted to cover up, but draping yourself in cloth is only going to add pounds. Curves: The best way to create a slimmer look is to accentuate the ...

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