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Articles and Ideas for ‘Sexy Costumes for Women’

Sexy Zombie Costumes

What, zombies and sexy? Usually, the two never go together - rotting organs usually isn't a turn-on for many people. However, perhaps it's this clash that makes it such a fun an sexy costume idea! Zombie cheerleaders are well known, and there's been more than one movie about zombie women lusting for blood while wearing a bikini.

Zombie Costumes With a Sexy Twist

Adult zombie costumes with a sexy twist are popular thanks to scary movies with beautiful heroines (remember Linnea Quigley in Return of the Living Dead?) There's also the burlesque aspect of wearing ripped and tattered garments that show off some skin (albeit it, there will probably be lots of blood stains as well.) The aim of looking like a zombie with some "after market" sex appeal is to dress as a character who ...

Snow White – The New Heroine

Being Snow White for Halloween is no longer meant solely for little girls. Thanks to the popularity of ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ and ‘Once Upon a Time’, Snow White is also seen as a tough princess who has to fight and battle for what she believes in. You can also upgrade the traditional Snow White costume by adding some tantalizing twists. Although Snow White has to fend herself from her wicked step mother and the evil witch, she is still the fairest of them all. To successfully pull off this look, you will need dark hair and pale skin. In Snow White and the Huntsman, Snow White’s dark locks are a refreshing contrast to the evil queen’s golden hair.

Costume Variations for Snow White

The popular colors in some Snow White costumes may still be yellow and blue, but the costumes come in different shapes and sizes for adults. There ...

Marilyn Monroe Costumes

She was such an icon, even in her own day. It’s amazing to think that a woman that was such a superstar so many years ago still manages to wow throughout time. She was the legend known as Marilyn Monroe and there has been nobody quite like her ever since. She was beautiful, iconic, talented, and brought such charisma to the screen. Since she was so loved she has become one of the most famous costume ideas that woman have used. Throughout the years and the test of time, this has remained one of the most popular woman adult costumes and it shows no signs of stopping. Fortunately this is a relatively easy costume idea to pull off and yet everybody will know instantly who you are.

Dress the Part

Here’s the best part about ...

Roman Goddess Costumes

What woman doesn’t want to feel like a goddess? Women love that feeling and it can therefore make for the perfect costume. You don’t have to know a lot about Greek or Roman mythology to embrace this popular theme into your costume. Not only are there plenty of costume options, but you can really make this a sexy and gorgeous one to wear. Embrace your inner goddess, get out all the accents, and see how you transform with a few of the right touches. This is a popular costume idea with good reason because it makes a woman feel like a woman and is sure to wow all the men in the room!

Raised on a Pedestal

When we think of goddesses through history, the reason that so many of us like them is that they were raised on a pedestal - quite literally! This signifies the time in ...

1970’s & 80’s Sexy Costume Ideas

If there is one thing that you can identify the 70’s and 80’s for it is just how sexy they were. This was a time where everybody loved one another and they celebrated this openly. After the hippies in the 60s came the funkadelic, sex driven, life loving 70s and 80s individuals. The icons were so identifiable and so was the dress for this time period. Sure you could go for the more subdued disco star, or you could embrace the sexuality that was such a part of this time period. This makes for a really fun adult party and allows you to really express yourself in a more sexual manner. So get in touch with your naughty side, embrace your sexuality like never before, and celebrate this era with these sexy costume ideas that were all about love and partying!


All Those Layers! “Polite” Victorian Costumes

Dangerous Liaisons be damned. Victorian costumes can be both spicy AND polite. It’s not a requirement that you become nasty when you don a Victorian costume, but you can become all kinds of nice and sexy. Pulling off a Victorian costume isn’t the easiest thing to do. There’s a lot involved in getting the costume to look right – it’s about hair and makeup as much as it’s about polite and high-society clothing. But this is an attention-getting costume for sure, so it’s worth the effort. Let’s start first with the costume. You could fashion one yourself, perhaps with an old prom dress that you add some petticoats to, or a homemade dress you make specifically in the style of a Victorian dress. You can also easily buy or rent such a costume, and some of the more elaborate ones can look quite authentic.

Anatomy of a Victorian Costume

Underneath your costume, plan ...

Performing in a Geisha Costume

Translated, the word geisha really just means live performing artist. Since there’s no American counterpart, it’s often mistaken for prostitution. However, a Giesha is a respected career, highly valued in Japanese culture. Girls must train for several years to reach distinguishing milestones in order to become a fully trained Geisha. Just as Hollywood is the center of the motion picture industry in the U.S., Kyoto is the center of the Geisha art form in Japan. So a Kyoto costume for women would be a Geisha. The Geisha are trained to entertain through dance, tea service and musical performances. During the Allied Forces occupation of Japan, opportunistic females began entertaining male soldiers as “Geisha Girls” or “Panpan Girls” outside of the ancient Geisha tradition. These women were, in fact, prostitutes, and they tarnished the reputation of the ancient art of Geisha.

Madame Butterfly Costume

Fans of the ...

Gothic Costumes for Halloween

The Gothic style has many roots, from the Beatnik girls of the 1960’s to Madonna’s punk influenced black rubber bracelets and fishnet stockings. Modern day Goth girls are influenced by romantic styles of all ages, with decidedly sexual overtures all done in black. Vampire movies romanticize the Goth look, which also stylizes elements of religion, including rosaries and religious crosses. Goth and punk is all about knowing that something is very wrong in the world, and that nobody will make it right. A goth costume mixes the sacred and the evil in a blend of naughty lingerie cut clothing and luscious fabrics. Not delicate or flowery (unless the flowers are dead) the gothic look refuses to pay allegiance to anything moral or godly. Goth girls know what they want and get it, even if someone has to get hurt.

Gothic Costume Styles

Gothic Costumes often put an evil spin on ...

Watch For Sharp Claws – Wearing a Black Cat Costume this Halloween

If your idea of a happy haunted Halloween is gracefully sashaying around the dance floor and slinking up to your partner in a seductive way, be sure to don a black cat costume. Cats, as predators, have a mysterious way of skulking in the shadows, then pouncing onto its prey. Slinking around people for no reason can just be annoying, but as a black cat, you can make them nervous and giddy. Who will this graceful and sexy cat strike next? The best part of the black cat costume is the mix of seductive and dangerous, sweet and sassy, harmless and predatory.

The Purfect Cat Costume

If you aren’t sure how to pull off the black cat costume, think back to Batman and the estimable character of Catwoman. She was a worthy character: lithe, slinking, and seductive all at once. She could purr you into submission and then dominate you once her claws ...

Queen of Hearts Costume a Sexy Choice

There are many great reasons for choosing to dress as the Queen of Hearts this Halloween, but perhaps the best reason is the catch phrase that goes with the costume. “Off with their heads!” will become your refrain if you choose this costume. You can play it tough, or you can use that tough girl exterior to hint at the seductive beast within. It’s your call. And maybe that’s the best part of this costume – there’s a real dichotomy here and it’s a fun one. You can be sexy and seductive, or mean and nasty. The two are on opposite ends of the spectrum but also work in tandem, if you know how to pull it off. Who is the Queen of Hearts? She’s the nasty-tempered monarch from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. She rules with an iron fist but is often (silently) overruled by her husband, the King of Hearts. ...

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