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Articles and Ideas for ‘Sexy Parties’

Hosting an Ann Summers Lingerie Party

In the past when women got together for a party it used to be focused around things that they could use for the home. The popularity of parties such as Tupperware really soared when women realized that they could get together and socialize while purchasing items that they really needed for their kitchen. Things progressed to Pampered Chef and Party Lite parties where it became about simplifying their lives and getting items that they enjoy. We have come a long way because one of the hottest home parties to host these days is the Ann Summers lingerie party! This is not your mom’s home party (and we wouldn't invite her!) and therefore you need to be ready for an evening of fun and good laughs. This is the party where you can get the items for your usage that you may not usually talk to your friends about. You can get everything ...

Costume Ideas for a Bachelorette Party

There is nothing sexier than a bachelorette party! This is the last night of freedom for a woman as she is on the brink of entering married bliss. This is when she wants to embrace her fun party side and bring all of her girlfriends with her. Therefore this means that there is a serious night of partying ahead for the women and all that they come into contact with. When you see these women out, you know that they are ready to party! Therefore when you are going to throw or be a part of a fun bachelorette party, why not suggest some amazing fancy dress costumes? This takes things up to the next level and ensures a good time for all! Here are some fun and sexy costume ideas for a bachelorette party.

The Blushing and Fun Loving Bride

This night is all about the bride-to-be and her last ...

Party Luau Style

The luau theme has taken parties by storm in recent years. Maybe it’s the fun of feeling like you’re on a tropical island, or the fun of drinking tropical drinks. Maybe it’s the skimpy clothes, the grass skirts, the leis. Whatever it is, the luau theme can work well in the hot summer months. Planning a party with your partner is a fun way to get into the spirit of the sun and surf and the spirit of family. Traditionally, luaus are way to celebrate the “ohana”, which is Hawaiian for family. That doesn’t mean just blood relatives, however, but also people who are united in the heart like family. So good friends, family members and even new friends can all qualify as ohana by Hawaiian standards. So planning a luau is a great way for you and your partner to have fun thinking about who to invite, and how to entertain ...

Luau Parties and Costumes

Planning a summer luau? Don’t forget the grass skirts and bra tops, mai tais and good food! Actually, most good parties start with atmosphere. If the food is off, or you don’t have a full and complete bar, people won’t care as much if your atmosphere and party planning are top notch. One of the easiest ways to get the planning started is to buy some ready made decorations and party packs. You might buy wall décor sheets. Simply apply them to the walls of the room where you’re having your party, or the outside of your house and you instantly have the scene set – a beach at sunset or a tiki hutch, or the surf full of boarders. The possibilities are endless. You can purchase a tabletop tiki hut to go over the food or drink table, or you can get a limbo stick that only requires music to make ...

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