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Articles and Ideas for ‘Sexy Superheroes’

Spin a Web As Spiderman

The 2012 movie The Amazing Spider-man focuses around Peter trying to discover his true identity. He is an awkward boy in high school that is desperate to know more about his parents. Peter is being raised by his aunt and uncle, who do their best. In the movie, Peter begins to fall in with a girl at his high school named Gwen. Although actress Emma Stone is 23, she definitely still looks the part of a sexy school girl. (Never mind actor Andrew Garfield, who is nearly 30!) Even better, the on-screen chemistry between the two is better than all the previous Spiderman movies! After Peter finds an old briefcase owned by his father, he goes on a mission to solve the mystery of his parent's disappearance. He discovers that his father's main partner was Dr. Curt Connors. They worked together at Oscorp for years....

Sexy Superheroes for 2012

Sexy super hero costumes are the most popular trend in Halloween costumes for 2012. Classic looks have been upgraded and revamped in order to please the current day buyer. Here are some of the most popular looks:

Wonder Woman

This costume has had major renovations made to it since the first version. The look can be worn more moderately by women who feel sexier by wearing tight clothes, rather showing it all. One new version of Wonder Woman comes with tight blue stockings and a form fitting top. The colors are still true to the original style yet woman will feel sexy, but refined. It leaves a little bit more to the imagination. Unlike the original which consisted of a leotard with knee high boots, this look is more contemporary for the modern woman who wants to look hot but isn’t two pounds. The red top fits tight and cinches ...

The Dark Knight Catwoman Costumes

Catwoman has been a sex icon since she was played by Julie Newmar in the 1960’s Batman television series. The idea of a woman being a powerful villain is definitely attractive to all men (and women!) Though she steals and cheats in order to get what she wants, she is much more than guile and looks. Being Catwoman for Halloween is a mysterious and sexy look. The key to pulling off this look is to wear a super tight all black outfit that shows all of your curves. If you’re feeling extra sexy, the all black suit can zipper up in the front allowing you to control the amount of cleavage you show. Unlike other costumes that show a lot of skin, the Catwoman costume is a great choice because it leaves something for the imagination. Black is also the most flattering and slimming of colors.


Sailor Moon Costumes

Sailor moon is an unforgettable anime character who is a carefree high school girl with the power to transform herself and fight evil. She is one of the most iconic anime characters in the world thanks to her hairstyle and unique looks. In the series, she has a boyfriend that refers to her as ‘usako’, which is a affectionate nickname that translates into child. She is every anime lover’s fantasy and offers viewers a taste of innocence and vulnerability. Because Sailor moon can transform, there are multiple different Halloween costume options. However, most include a long blonde wig with a mini skirt. The main colors of her costume are normally bright blue and red, which is sure to make you stand out. Here are additional versions of Sailor Moon in her different forms: Sailor Moon: Sailor moon starts off as an intimated and frightened school girl that constantly needs help. ...

Top 12 Sexy Costumes for 2012

The most popular trend for Halloween this year is movie costumes. People are inspired by the image or look of a particular character in a movie and want to feel just like them. Here are the top 12 movie looks for 2012: 1. Black Widow: Dressing up as Black Widow from The Avengers is the perfect costume idea for the girl who wants to show off her curves while still being tough. 2. Thor: Being Thor for Halloween is the perfect costume idea for the guy who likes being the super hero who can smash his enemies. You definitely need a helmet and hammer in order to complete this look. 3. Queen Ravenna: Queen Ravenna is a sexy Halloween option that includes an all black outfit and sexy blonde hair. The contrast between the dark outfit and light locks creates the perfect combination of dominant and dainty. 4/5. Medieval/Renaissance Maiden: You are ...

Your Hammer is So … Big! Avengers Costumes for 2012

Who says you have to be “under this height” to love The Avengers? Sure, Avengers costumes are great for kids, and there’s nothing quite as grand as seeing your children dress up as Thor and Loki and then beat the heck out of each other. (Er ... you know we’re kidding, right?) The thing is, you can have a lot more fun by dressing up as The Avengers for your own adult party, whether you want to attend a private party, a comic convention or a movie premiere. We saw some dynamite costumes in The Avengers and they’re all available for purchase online and in costume stores around the country. The Avengers costumes are not just fun - they’re downright fashionable, avant-garde, and, of course, sexy! You’re ...

Suckerpunch Costumes

There are some movies that you either love or hate, and there is no middle ground. That’s the reality of so many movies today, particularly those that are action or science fiction driven. When it comes to the movie Suckerpunch you tend to either love it or hate it. This wasn’t necessarily the blockbuster of the year, but a huge core of fans love this brilliant mish-mash of science fiction, fantasy, steampunk and Inception. The grrrl-power type of film is a popular theme and therefore many followed along to see how this girl would take the lead. Baby Doll (played by Emily Browning) is certainly an interesting, if fragile-looking hero, and the rest of her sexy posse (provocative in their outfits because they all work at ...

Thor Costumes

You have likely heard of Vikings or may even be a follower. There is something so powerful about this time period and all of the things associated with it. These were natural warriors and some of our first as we know them. Though they were full of might and power, they didn’t realize that they were some of the first superheroes as we know them today. We love to look at these costumes and movies because they represent such an interesting period of time. The way that they dressed, how they fought to keep their freedom, the whole story is just full of great history for us. Vikings were gods in their day and some of that mythology still carries through and holds strong even today. We follow the stories of the Vikings like Thor in awe and perhaps that’s why we just can’t get enough of them so much so ...

Captain America Superhero Costume

He’s the all American hero and that’s why so many people love him. Though there are plenty of superheroes out there to choose from, there’s something about Captain America that just draws people in. The patriotic costume, the presence that he has, the way that he fights crime and doesn’t put up with the bad in the world—he’s the ultimate superhero! So it comes as no surprise that when people want to find a superhero costume that makes them feel in charge and like they can save the world, they look to him. He was such a hero to so many kids growing up and he is still as popular as ever. He became popular through the comic strip he had in the paper every week and now he’s back to the top with his new movie. So here’s how to pull off that perfect Captain America costume....

Wonder Woman Costumes

Wonder Woman has been made over several times since her creation in 1941. Always a cutting edge female, challenging the stereotype and staying a step ahead of the general population, this girl has a lot on her platter. In addition to representing all the best qualities of womanhood - nurturing, kind, helpful, compassionate - she’s also quite capable of giving a good ass whooping! She is Princess Diana, strongest of the Amazons, in the service of Aphrodite. In Greek mythology, the all-female Amazon warriors were captured and turned to slaves by the charms and trickery of that uber-male, Hercules. In anger, Aphrodite freed them, but told them to continue to wear the bracelets of their broken chains as a reminder to never be subservient to men. Wonder Woman’s creator, Dr. Marston, was also the inventor of the polygraph machine. Whether or not ...

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