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Articles and Ideas for ‘Valentine’s Day’

Don’t Know What to Do on Valentine’s Day?

Check out our expert tips to get the spark going and fan the flames of your best date ever!

We know what you’re thinking: another February, another box of store bought chocolates and a Hallmark card. It doesn’t have to be that way. With a little planning and your own creativity, you can make this February 14th memorable. Throw away the old and boring and usher in a whole new way of looking at this favorite holiday of love.

Why We Celebrate the Day

Originally a religious feast day, church seniors admitted by late Medieval times that information about the exact person known as Saint Valentine (there were at least three) have been lost in the shroud of history. Valentine was as common a name in the middle ages as "John" is today. Not to worry! Romantics were there to pick up the slack of a now-empty calendar day. There are a variety of ...

Couple’s Costumes for Valentine’s Day: Eight Sexy Ideas

What’s in style this Valentine‘s Day? Couple’s costumes! That’s right - more and more couples are discovering just how fun role playing can be. We’ve supplied eight hot ideas for you and your mate to try on for size, but why stop there? Once you’ve tried a role playing game or two, you’re sure to want to try more…and perhaps even create your own spicy scenarios for the next big holiday! Surrender the Booty: the Pirate and the Princess Let him steal your heart and more in a getup fit for the wiliest (and sexiest) of sailors. You’re the princess whose boat has been set adrift; he’s the bad guy who’s ready to carry you off to a desert island…and to the one night you’ll never forget. For him: a white shirt, unbuttoned to show lots of chest; for her, a blousy old-fashioned dress, preferably with front lacings that can ...

Make It a Memorable Valentine’s Day!

How can you make this Valentine's Day memorable? It isn't the expensive gifts, it's all in some thoughtful planning and timing! Our Valentine’s Day ideas are creative, loving and offer hours of possibilities for you and your special someone.

In Love at Sunrise

Get started off on the right side of the bed on Valentine’s Day morning: serve up a special breakfast for your sweetie. It doesn’t have to be fancy; in fact, couples we’ve spoken to say it’s all in the presentation. Wear something flirtatious, outrageous or barely-there … and wake your darling with a kiss and a hot plate of his or her favorites. If you’re shaky in your cooking capabilities, simply waking your significant other up with a kiss--and perhaps more--can be a special Valentine’s Day surprise that will leave you both warm and tingly the whole day long. (Psst: Experts say men’s testosterone levels are highest in the ...

Don’t know what to do on Valentine’s Day? Here’s some inexpensive or free ideas

When Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s easy to get a little stressed. Perhaps you forgot, or you can’t think of anything original to do. Maybe money is tight and you don’t have a clue what you can do on a budget. Take a relaxing breath and say it with us, "This can be done!" There are plenty of creative, fun and romantic things you can do for Valentine’s Day. Your overtures don’t have to be complex, difficult, expensive or fancy. You simply need to pause from your busy life, take a time out, and spend an evening with your loved one. It’s all about focusing on your partner, remembering why you love each other, and having a fun and intimate time together.

Let’s look at some creative and romantic ideas for this Valentine’s Day

Stay in

Traditionally, couples go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. But if it falls on a weekday, or you ...

Top Ten Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

Are you ever at a loss of what to do on Valentine’s Day? Tired of the same chocolates and flowers and then spending the night fighting for a table at an over-priced restaurant? You need to try the top ten things to do on Valentine's Day. So, keep reading for some great Valentine’s Day ideas that will put the romance back into the day and your love lives. Send him flowers. Shake up the usual order of things by bringing flowers to his work and do it before you think he'll send yours. Later that day, bring a special boxed lunch for him at work and enjoy a mini-break. If you can't meet, you can still have it delivered to him. During dinner, get him thinking about the evening to come by wearing your favorite sexy outfit and giving him a teasing and discreet look at your special ...

Valentine’s Lingerie and Other Red Hot Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to add some spark to your love life, but perhaps Cupid has been noticeably absent this past little while. Have you spent Valentine’s Day the same way every year, with a dinner and a movie? Or worse, have the two of you just let it slide in the wake of assigning cupcake duty for your child's class? Remember, it’s never too late, or too early to add some fun and fire to your love life. All you have to do is to be willing to put some planning, effort and red hot Valentine's lingerie into making the day really romantic. For a truly hot Valentine's gift for him, don’t just throw on that worn out baby doll lingerie. This year, pick something hot and get him involved in the planning too. Keep reading to learn how to plan a truly fiery February 14th. Lose ...

Creating Your Romantic Valentine’s Day

Looking for some romantic Valentine's Day date ideas? Aren’t sure what sort of presents to get for him? Perhaps you need some romantic ideas for the day? If so, why not plan a romantic Valentine’s Day date that starts before breakfast and ends with sunrise the next day? Keep reading to learn how to plan a full day of romance. Start your planning a few weeks ahead and make sure you mark off the full day in both of your planners. Add a great big red heart on the kitchen calendar. A few weeks ahead, take some time with the two of you planning out a few of the details, like where you want to go and what you want to do. Try to keep this planning session simply to the basics, so that you can still have room for romantic surprises for each other.

Start the Romance ...

What to Get A Guy for Valentine’s Day

Love can have you feeling on the top of the world, especially on Valentine’s Day. The only problem with the celebration is that the typical trappings of Valentine’s Day - cherubs, flowers, jewelry and chocolates - aren't exactly on the top of every guy’s wanted list. So while he’s ordering flowers for you on-line and making dinner reservations, you’ll need to come up with some great gift ideas quickly. What does a man really want for Valentine's Day? We say: ask a real man! In fact, that's exactly what we did...and some of the answers were surprising. Look below for the ten top gifts that regular guys (just like yours) say will go straight to the heart this Valentine's Day. Cook an Elaborate Dinner for Two Don't worry if you're all thumbs in the kitchen. In fact, if it's more of an effort, it will mean all the more to your man. ...

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