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How to Find or Make Cheap Sexy Halloween Costumes

Coming up with a fun and sexy Halloween costume isn’t about who spent the most money, it’s about being creative and really enjoying yourself. Whether it’s for a party or an adventurous night in, inexpensive Halloween costumes can be both easy and quick to put together. In this article, we’ll talk about some simple, cheap, sexy Halloween costumes you can put together at home, and also how to find affordable adult costumes to buy online.

Sexy Halloween Costumes – Starting from Scratch

If you’re looking for Halloween costume ideas for little-to-no money, try looking in your closet! Here are just a few examples of quick, easy, and cheap costume ideas you can create at home:

  • Lonely Housewife: This is perfect for the party-goer who is coming without a date. A short dress, an apron, a pair of high heels and you’re almost there. Add an accessory like a rolling pin or a sexy pool boy companion, and you’ve got it down pat. Let party guests know that your husband works very, very long hours.
  • Sexy School Girl: A naughty school girl’s uniform can be easily assembled with a short skirt, oxford shirt, some pigtails and a pair of knee-highs. Try tying up the shirt for some added cuteness and remember to throw some sexy sass into it for a touch of authenticity.
  • Coyote Cowgirl: Boots, a jean skirt and a tight, plaid top are all you need to complete this look. You can top it all off with a cowboy hat or innocent braids. Another fun idea is to make your own lasso and try to rope in fellow party-goers!
  • Pirate Wench: This one’s a bit more complicated, but if you have a full, black skirt and a very low-cut top, you’ve almost got it. Try finishing off the look with a tied bandanna, gold hoop earrings and some serious boots. Practice your “Y’arrrrrs” for a true and sassy pirate style.

How to Find Inexpensive Sexy Halloween Costumes Online

The trick to finding an inexpensive, yet still sexy Halloween costumes online is to find something that’s a simple, but key element of your costume, and then add to it yourself. Whether you’re just buying a witch’s hat and adding your own sexy black dress or purchasing a full naughty nurse’s outfit but supplying the shoes and clipboard, it’s all about those extra touches that you can pull from your own closet.

Doing a quick check in the clearance section at, here are some affordable costumes we found lately for less than $20 that can be easily spiced up:

  • Witch – All you need to make this outfit really pop is the right pair of black heels.
  • Sports Star – Grab a basketball and you’re good to go. This ultra-cute outfit is also sure to be a conversation starter with sports fans, or you could dress up your man up as a referee and go as a team.
  • Girlie Scout – Carry a tray of cookies to be a real hit at the party.
  • Be-Bopper – All you need for this look is the right hairdo. If you have longer hair, try putting it up in pincurls or making your own feather headband to hold it in place.
  • Fairy Wings – Pair these adorable wings with stunning eye makeup, delicate flats and a pretty, little dress and you will have a quick and easy garden nymph costume.

Remember, having fun with an adult Halloween costume isn’t about spending big bucks, it’s about creativity and really putting yourself into the project. Whether you’re scouring your own closet or the Internet, as long as you’ve got a vision, you’re sure to find a costume at the price that’s right for you.

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