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Cinderella Costume Ideas

As a little girl, almost everyone dreamed of being Cinderella. Our imaginations took us to her castle prison, her beautiful ball gown transformation, and finally, the moment when she was whisked away by the Prince to live happily ever after. Thanks to the Brothers Grimm and the popular Disney movie by the same name, the Cinderella fairy tale has survived, and continues to strike the hearts of little girls everywhere. This Halloween, you can relive your own fairy tale with a Cinderella costume. Keep reading for Cinderella’s history, great tips on putting together a Cinderella outfit, and information on where you can find adult Disney costumes for both you and your partner.

The Cinderella Story

The story of Cinderella is a well-known fairy tale that takes an unjustly oppressed young maid and turns her into a triumphant princess. Though the history of the story goes as far back as Greek myth, the version we know today was written in France in the seventeenth century, and lives on as one of Disney’s most popular characters.

The tale begins with a widower, a man with a beautiful daughter, marrying a less-than-ideal second wife, with two daughters of her own. The girl’s new stepmother and evil stepsisters force all the housework on her, making her life miserable. Soon, the Prince invites all the maids in the land to a large ball, but the girl, Cinderella, is forbidden from going. As Cinderella weeps alone, her fairy godmother appears to her and transforms her pumpkin into a coach and her rags into a beautiful ball gown with precious glass slippers.

Once at the ball, Cinderella captures the heart of the Prince before rushing off at midnight and leaving one of her glass slippers behind. The Prince searches the entire land for the beautiful owner of the glass slipper and finally finds his Cinderella. Much to the chagrin of her stepmother and evil stepsisters, the two are wed and she becomes a princess. Thus, she is vindicated and they live happily ever after.

Tips on Cinderella Halloween Costumes

The blue ball gown is a key element to the classic Cinderella Halloween costume. Instantly recognizable and widely cherished, you should feel like a fairy tale princess in it.

Try to find clear, plastic shoes to wear as your glass slippers. Sites like sell high-heeled ‘glass’ slippers in a number of sizes, or you can check your local stores for alternatives. Accessories like a pumpkin-shaped purse or long, white gloves will also make your Halloween outfit. As for your hair, try to get it up in a bouffant up-do modeled after the style worn in the popular Disney movie.

Couples’ Costume Ideas for a Cinderella Halloween

If you’re going out for Halloween with a date, dress him up as Prince Charming. Again, sites like will sell official Disney costumes designed to replicate the character from the film or other basic prince costumes. If you’re crafty, you can also make your own with an old blazer, some gold brocade, buttons, and a few lengths of curtain cord.

The ‘Unhappily Ever After’ Cinderella Halloween Twist

If you want a costume that’s more fitting with the morbid and dark nature of the Halloween holiday, consider going as the unhappily ever after version of Cinderella. Risen from the ashes, this is the little cinder girl who didn’t make it home before midnight. Smoky eye make-up is a must.

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