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Costume Ideas for a Bachelorette Party

There is nothing sexier than a bachelorette party! This is the last night of freedom for a woman as she is on the brink of entering married bliss. This is when she wants to embrace her fun party side and bring all of her girlfriends with her. Therefore this means that there is a serious night of partying ahead for the women and all that they come into contact with.

When you see these women out, you know that they are ready to party! Therefore when you are going to throw or be a part of a fun bachelorette party, why not suggest some amazing fancy dress costumes? This takes things up to the next level and ensures a good time for all! Here are some fun and sexy costume ideas for a bachelorette party.

The Blushing and Fun Loving Bride

This night is all about the bride-to-be and her last night of freedom. So why not celebrate her upcoming bride status, but with a fun and sexy twist. You want to dress your bachelorette up for a night of fun and lots of attention. Why not dress her up in a super sexy or cute bridal dress? This is not your typical bridal dress and certainly not the one that she will wear for the big day. This can be a tight white tube dress with some sexy but tasteful white garters.

You must complete the look of course with white super high heels and white thigh highs. She’s the sexy bride and she’s ready to party with her girls for her very last night of freedom! You can even throw in a veil, but this is not like any other. There are fun little sexual sayings or genital references all over the veil. This is a night she will never forget and if you dress her as the blushing but sexy bride, she will have a blast!

Single and Sexy Lady

SPenalty Police sexy costumeince this is the last time that she will be out and about as a single lady with all of her girlfriends, be sure to dress her up for the part. You can all get in on the act and go for sexy outfits or hen night costumes and make it an affair to remember. Let the bride pick her favorite color or go for the classic white. She will not however be dressed in simple wear, but sexy single lady wear. This can be a super cute skirt and tube top or even a tube dress, but it must say that she’s ready to party! You can all pick out matching dresses in the same style but different colors. An excellent accessory to all wear for this fun bachelorette party is of course boas in all sorts of different colors. Give the bride some glitter and some tasteful but naughty accessories like a shot glass necklace for men at the bar to buy her drinks in or even some adult toys worn as jewelry. Let her dress the part as the single lady out for a night of fun!

Sexy Penalty Police Girl

This may be the type of police officer that men want to get a ticket from! This super sexy penalty girl is the perfect costume to dress your bachelorette in. This lets the whole bar know when she enters that somebody is going to be in trouble. This is such a cute costume and so sexy but in a tasteful way. The twist on a referee costume with a short skirt, tight top, high boots, and of course the whistle make her the center of attention. She can blow the whistle at offenders—the guys that aren’t buying drinks fast enough! (This is also a great outfit for stag night costumes.)

She can act the bad girl but still be true to her husband-to-be while dressed in a costume that says sexy but off limits. Every man in the bar will have his eyes glued to her and she will have so much fun acting as the bad police officer. This is an excellent way to celebrate that fun bachelorette party!

Cupid's bow

Cupid’s Arrow or Ball and Chain

Depending on her personality or relationship, you can go one of two classic ways here. If she is a romantic at heart, then you want to make her cupid in this fun costume idea. Here you can dress her in all red, but with a sexy twist. Give her a cute sexy red top and of course a red boa to go with it. Then give her that play arrow that she can shoot at people all night and try to blend love into the equation. If she has more of a sense of humor and a flair for fun, then go the route of a ball and chain. She will be married soon enough and be weighed down with the ball and chain.

In this costume idea, you want to dress her up as a sexy prisoner in an orange sexy jumpsuit cut just right to flatter her body. Then you set her up with a ball and chain that is attached to her ankle. This is sexy but also hilarious and people will love it when she walks in with this. Bachelorette parties are always fun, but with this awesome costume ideas they are sexy and memorable like never before!

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