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Costume Wigs – The Finishing Touch

It’s an often-used analogy, but a wig is like the icing on your costume’s cake. It’s often incomplete without the finishing touch of a hairpiece to dress it up. Costume wigs really are the best way to complete a costume and will take your Halloween outfit to the next level. Who would recognize Cleopatra without her bob, or Medusa without her snakes? Keep reading for wig ideas and specifics on how to use wigs and hairpieces with your costume this Halloween.

General Costume Wig Tips

Most wigs require you to wear a wig cap, especially if you have a lot of your own natural hair. A sheer wig cap will stretch over your head and is designed to cover your own hair, holding it in place. Once you have the wig cap on, shove all your hair inside, taking time to smooth out any bumps. The hair in front of your ears should be tucked behind and pinned or gelled in place.

Another trick, which works great for wigs without bangs, is to pull a bit of your own hair out at the front. If the hair is roughly the same color as the wig, it will help blend the wig into your own hair and hide any nasty front seams.

Should the wig or the wig cap start to give you headaches, try loosening the elastic or tie on the wig cap. Also, it may take you a while to get used to wearing a wig. If you plan on wearing any hair accessories for a long time on Halloween (more than 5+ hours), practice wearing the wig ahead of time. This can help reduce headaches and get you more comfortable with a head piece.

Costumes That Need A Wig

  • Fairy Tale Costumes: Unless you have piles of flaxen hair that can be easily set in hundreds of ringlets, you may want to look into a Goldilocks wig. A wig like this works great with a number of Elizabethan or other fairy tale looks, including the infamous Little Bo Peep.
  • Jack Sparrow: A hugely popular costume right now, with increasingly difficult hair to pull off. Not too many men have the hair to make their own waist-length, pirates’ dreadlocks. An inexpensive wig will take this costume from the kiddie pool to the great sea.
  • Witches and Monsters: You can break out the messy, black hair dye, or you can opt for an easy wig. A long, black witches’ wig also works for a Vampiress, Goth Princess, Cher, or Morticia Adams. Bride of Frankenstein might need her own special, bee-hive style.
  • Period Costumes: From flappers’ bobs to the sixties’ dos made popular by Hairspray, period hairpieces can be the best way to achieve a sometimes difficult style. For example, a 1960’s bubble flip with cropped bangs is either going to require some serious time under the hot rollers (not to mention a possible cut), but also a dedicated effort to teasing and spraying. 17th and 18th century period pieces need wigs by virtue that the nobility actually wore wigs – due to the prevalence of head lice, ewwww! By finishing your costume with a premade wig, you’re not only saving time, but investing in a style that will stay in place for the duration of the night.
  • Gods and Goddesses: The Grecian goddess needs her intricate up-do and tumbling curls, just as the Gods need their cascading beards. For men, a simple shepherd’s wig and beard (or even a Santa’s wig and beard) will work great for any number of costumes – from Moses to Merlin to, yes, even Santa. For women, an Athenian goddess wig is a great addition to a Grecian costume, but can also be adapted for an Elizabethan or other period piece.

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