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Couples Costumes – Double the Fun

Diane Toluvya Corpse Bride couple
Corpse Bride Couple – Bride and Groom

At your next Halloween party, dare to dress as a sexy couple! It’s double the fun with two. With hundreds of costumes online, you’ll easily find what you need for you and your partner to be a hit with the crowd. From suggestively spicy to humorous to outrageously sexy, support each other by acting as "the other half", flirting with yourselves or with the crowd, teasing each other and staging scenes. For instance, if you’re a lion and a hunter, the hunter can pursue the lion through the crowd. Marc Antony can woo Cleopatra, and Dracula can be searching for his (or her) erotic snack! The idea is to have fun, acting out your fantasies in character and spicing up your night with each other’s sexy role play.

Many online costume merchants have a separate couples category for your convenience, so make sure to check out what they have to offer. There are a lot of classic couples costumes available, such as plug and socket, ball and chain, lock and key, and Fred and Wilma. A few ideas have been overdone but could still be fun, such as pimp and ho or Hugh and his bunny playmate. Spice it up with a role reversal! Guys, can you spend the evening as a bunny playmate? Costumes exist for you to act in a role you usually aren’t in, so go wild and have fun!

Here’s a few ideas to think about, some familiar and fun, and a few that we haven’t really seen but could be fun, or at least a springboard to other ideas. When choosing a costume, think of the role you will be playing. Half the fun is acting out your role, whether it be a sultry temptress, a haughty Caesar or a playful lion!

Fantasy and Storybook Costumes

  • Dirty devil and not so innocent angel – Opposites attract
  • Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf – My, you have a big . . .
  • Little Bo Beep and her Horny Sheep – Punish your baad sheep
  • Hansel and flirty Gretal – Get lost in the forest together
  • Dorothy and her dirty Wizard (or Lion, or Scarecrow, or Tin Man!)
  • Alice and the Mad Hatter – Have a sexy tea party
Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Historical Costumes

  • Antony and Cleopatra – Make it a love triangle by including Caesar!
  • Viking warrior and warrioress – Looking for plunder in all the right places!
  • Egyptian Goddess and Haughty Pharoh – Let’s you and me walk like an . . .
  • Royal king and sexy slave princess – It’s good to be king!
  • Gladiator slave and Roman Empress – I require your services, slave!
  • Pirates – Argh, lets look for some booty!
Pharoh and Egyptian Goddess

Sexy Modern Costumes

  • Doctor and Nurse – Watch peoples’ blood pressure rise
  • Boss and secretary – Twist the corporate world with woman as boss!
  • Priest and nun – What’s under those robes?
  • Cop and thief – She stole my heart!
  • Feisty French Maid and Butler – How may I be of service?
French Maid and Butler

When searching for a matching costume, there’s an endless amount of sources to delve into. Fairy tales will often have a couple, whether it be people or animals. Endless movies and books feature famous lovers, and history is full of wars begun by jealous husbands or horny rulers! The world is full of love and lust, and everywhere you turn you’ll find inspiration.

Find These Sexy Costumes At: is the world’s largest Internet costume store (as certified by the Better Business Bureau), with over 10,000 items and growing. They offer no-hassle returns on most items, free shipping over $70, and have a 90% approval rating from over 25,000 customers on the customer review site

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