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Couple’s Costumes for Valentine’s Day: Eight Sexy Ideas

What’s in style this Valentine‘s Day? Couple’s costumes! That’s right – more and more couples are discovering just how fun role playing can be.

We’ve supplied eight hot ideas for you and your mate to try on for size, but why stop there? Once you’ve tried a role playing game or two, you’re sure to want to try more…and perhaps even create your own spicy scenarios for the next big holiday!

  1. Surrender the Booty: the Pirate and the Princess
    Let him steal your heart and more in a getup fit for the wiliest (and sexiest) of sailors. You’re the princess whose boat has been set adrift; he’s the bad guy who’s ready to carry you off to a desert island…and to the one night you’ll never forget.

    For him: a white shirt, unbuttoned to show lots of chest; for her, a blousy old-fashioned dress, preferably with front lacings that can be pulled open easily.

  2. Love on the Lam: Bonnie and Clyde’s Hideaway
    A near miss on your latest bank robbery has your hearts pounding with trepidation…and perhaps a little something more. You whisk one another to your hideaway where you let off a little post-robbery steam…one costume piece at a time.

    For him: a 1930s style hat and easy-to-unbutton shirt; for her: a slim-fitting, low cut dress and cigarette (leaving it unlit is fine; it’s the attitude that counts).v

  3. Bad Girl: the School Girl and the Principal
    Have you been a bad girl again? It’s up to the school principal to teach you some manners (and a few other tricks he has up his sleeve).

    For him: stern-looking, buttoned up clothes, a tie and, for the adventurous, a switch (be careful! Remember…it’s play); for her: a short, plaid skirt and knee-high socks.

  4. Fun and Feather Dusters: the French Maid and the Businessman
    It’s anything but all business when the man of the house comes home to a maid whose work isn’t done. He orders her to clean up…one dirty area at a time.

    For him: business clothes; for her: a black French maid outfit, feather duster and a very short skirt. (Try out your best French accent to add to the fun.)

  5. Hands Up: the Policewoman and the Thief
    Stop right there and turn around! You’re busted…by the sternest and sexiest cop in town. She’ll do whatever it takes to whip you into shape, so watch out!

    For him: a black stocking cap, black sweater and tight fitting pants; for her: a policewoman’s outfit with several buttons undone, super tight hot-pants and of course, handcuffs. (Shhh…we’ll never tell.)

  6. Forbidden Meeting: the Gladiator and the Empress
    The chained gladiator receives an unlikely visitor: the Empress! She’s come to deliver one last trial…and it’s going to be a doozey. What will it take to convince her to sneak him out of his imprisonment?

    For him: bare chest or gladiator breastplate, scruffy pants and handcuffs or chains; for her: a long, extravagant dress cut much too low…and the key that unlocks her lover’s bonds–if she wants to.

  7. Babes in the Woods: the Nymph and the Hunter
    A barely-dressed woodland nymph is surprised when a hunter captures her, then orders her to show him the whereabouts of her hidden lair. Reluctantly, she agrees to take him to the secret place no other man has gone before.

    For him: a bow and fake arrow (or just a bow), bare chest, brown thigh-hugging pants and boots; for her: a filmy, short dress, tinkling silver jewelry and a pair of wings.

  8. The Angel and the Devil: Never the Two Shall Meet…Except on Valentine’s Day
    It’s so wrong…but it feels so right. A too-charming demon tries to convince a goody-goody angel that his world is more fun. When she doesn’t quite believe him, he offers to show her.

    For him: two horns and a bad-boy goatee; for her: an all white, super-short nightie and a halo that just won’t stay on!

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