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Creating Your Romantic Valentine’s Day

Looking for some romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas? Aren’t sure what sort of presents to get for him? Perhaps you need some romantic ideas for the day? If so, why not plan a romantic Valentine’s Day date that starts before breakfast and ends with sunrise the next day? Keep reading to learn how to plan a full day of romance.

Start your planning a few weeks ahead and make sure you mark off the full day in both of your planners. Add a great big red heart on the kitchen calendar. A few weeks ahead, take some time with the two of you planning out a few of the details, like where you want to go and what you want to do. Try to keep this planning session simply to the basics, so that you can still have room for romantic surprises for each other.

Start the Romance the Morning of February 14th

Start your big day watching the dawn, large cups of steaming coffee in your hands, snuggled in bed or on the couch. Take your time letting the day start at its own pace and when you’re ready, make breakfast together. Mix up something a bit decadent, like pancakes with dark chocolate and nuts, or smoked salmon and Gruyère omelets or maybe some champagne with strawberries. Make your breakfast a romantic Valentine’s meal for two. Put your favorite music on and let the morning stretch into noon.

Romancing on Your Own

Valentine's Day planning

Head out or stay in, but make sure you do nothing that is routine. Remember, this is not a day for vacuuming or car washing, only for doing your favorite things, no matter how naughty or indulgent they may be. Stay in bed all day or go to a museum, just do something that the two of you haven’t for a long time. Sneak in long kisses and do what you can to rekindle the romance.

Choose your most romantic spot for dinner. Whether it’s a 5 star restaurant or hot dogs at the corner stand, pick somewhere that means something to you two. As the evening falls, take a walk under the stars or create your own ambiance with candles and music. Once you get home, surprise him with a decadent piece of Valentine’s Day lingerie.

The Two of You, Alone, at Night. What to Do?

Whether racy red or delicate pink, choose lingerie that reflects the mood you want. Buy it new for yourself, along with any special toys or accessories you think the two of you will need – massage oils, erotic games for couples, love coupons, beautiful sheets or carefully selected music to set the mood.

In short, do your best this Valentine’s Day to leave everyday life behind. Whether you’re a new couple with passion running high or more world-weathered with security and familiarity, remember that the very best present you can give your lover is the gift of your uncluttered time. So, re-unite and re-ignite your passion this Valentine’s Day by sharing the world only with each other.

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