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Creative Halloween Costumes

Do you want to make a unique statement this Halloween? Maybe, you’re looking to win first prize at a Halloween costume contest? Well then, it’s time to get creative. Keep reading for great ideas for creative Halloween costumes, ways to build on pre-made costumes, and how you really can step up your Halloween look with makeup and accessories.

Creative Costume Ideas

Some of the most unique Halloween costume ideas are the simplest. They start with something basic, but with a twist of originality and a bit of elbow grease, they become award winners. Here are some stand-out, but still simple Halloween costume ideas:

  • The Clumsy School Girl: Start this costume with a basic but sexy school girl uniform. You can purchase a variety of different styles online or make your own. Then use body paste to glue bits of glass and broken pencils to your skin and clothes. Add a rip in your panty hose and make a few nasty scrapes with stage blood to complete the look. Disturbing, but certainly creative.
  • The Washed-Up Pop Star: With all the hype and gossip surrounding Britney Spears lately, this is an easy to create costume that has a contemporary punch. Start the costume with a poorly situated blonde wig and a diva microphone (prop versions available at most costume retailers). Add a black, sparkly jumpsuit or a simple dance leotard with high heels and a can of beer. You’re sure to be the platinum hit of the Halloween party.
  • The Puck Bunny: Typically, a “puck bunny” is a term used to refer to the girls who like to hang out and watch hockey games. Essentially, they’re “hockey groupies.” Create a cute Puck Bunny costume by combining a Playboy bunny costume with a hockey helmet and gloves. For all the hockey fans at the party – and all Canadians – you’ll be instantly recognizable!
  • The Zombie Beauty Queen/Cheerleader: This is a real Halloween take on the sexy cheerleader or prom queen costume. Start with a basic cheerleader (or prom queen) costume, but make a few rips in it and dirty the edges. Tease your hair up and use makeup to really create that “living dead” look.
  • The Play on Words: Making a play on words costume is a great way to come up with an original and stand out costume. The standards, like a “Cereal Killer” (dressing up in a cereal box and wielding a knife), have been played out, so try something new, like “Tickled Pink” – dress up in a pink fairy or ballerina costume and carry two pink feather dusters around with you. You can easily find dusters at most bargain stores. When someone asks you what you are, tickle their nose with the feathers and answer “Tickled Pink.”

    Another cute wordplay idea is to go as a web surfer. Start with a tight wet suit or even a simple bathing suit. Then, drape fake Halloween spider webs over your hair and body to become “The Web Surfer.”

Using Make-Up and Accessories to Step Up An Elaborate Costume

Even if you’re purchasing or making the most high-end costume that you can afford, one that absolutely dazzles you with its beautiful elaborateness, it’s the make-up, wigs and accessories that are really going to take that Halloween costume to the next level.

A woodland fairy costume will go from plain to absolutely magical with the right glittery face paint and curly wig. Just as a vampire is nothing without fangs and droplets of blood, your costume is only complete with those extra touches. Use wigs, head pieces, and creative make-up to really bring your Halloween costume to that award-winning status.

By using props and really thinking about your costume, from hats to dress to shoes, you’re sure to come up with a unique Halloween idea that stands out from the crowd!

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