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Batman, the Dark Knight Costume

Dressing as the Dark Knight this Halloween is as easy as adopting a brooding mood, a death to avenge and an overriding desire to save the world (or at least your part of the world).

Ok, so maybe you don’t need to be quite that serious in a Halloween costume, but let’s face it – the Dark Knight is dark.

And really, many women also find him quite hot and sexy, so if you want to add some particular action to your Halloween, don this special costume and watch the ladies fall at your black boots.

To truly play up this costume, remember this – Bruce Wayne is a playboy underneath all that armor. His serious and dark exterior belies his desire to welcome female attraction with open arms.

The Dark, Moody Costume

But there’s still that dark exterior to deal with. To bring this costume and character to life, purchase a Dark Knight costume or any Batman costume and then add the persona.

Because this costume is specific and complicated, it’s not a good idea to make it, but instead be willing to part with a few dollars and purchase it. But of course you could make one, using a dark cape, all black clothing and a lot of attitude.

The real job when dressing like Batman is getting into character. Putting the costume on isn’t difficult, but getting into the character behind the costume is the challenging part.

The Brooding, Dark Stranger at the Party

Once you don the costume, you must also don the serious spirit and the brooding demeanor. Someone offers you punch? Tell them that your life requires a martini, and please shake that well. A woman makes a pass at you? Tell her that you are busy tonight (because Batman is always busy at night), but that a good way to gain your attention is if she suddenly needed rescuing from some dire situation. Then wink at her, even if she can’t see it behind your dark mask. Sexy comes even behind a mask, don’t forget.

The Dark Knight’s Tools

Accessorizing Batman isn’t too difficult. You must have a cape, of course, and the know how to use it in just the right, true, Batman way. But there are other accessories you might consider.

How about a utility belt? You can use your toys however you see fit (either at the party or after the party when you become Bruce Wayne, the playboy), and in whatever way might be useful to people.

Partners in Crime (Prevention)

You can also accessorize with a partner in crime, or other things. You might come with Alfred, your trusty sidekick, or with Catwoman. Imagine arriving at the party in a Batman Dark Knight getup and accompanied by a whip-wielding Catwoman. Even Batgirl costumes today have more sexiness and less cheese.

To make things interesting and newsworthy, consider arriving with The Joker in tow. The two of you can have a battle to end all battles (all in good fun, of course).

For more good fun, consider arriving with Robin. Though Robin doesn’t appear in the latest Batman movie installment (and he’s often the but of jokes anyway), he’s still a good and trusty friend, and would surely be by Batman’s side as he does battle with the evil Joker.

Finally, we recommend staying in character all night. The costume might get hot, we realize, but staying in costume will assure that you take this one to the limit, that you make everyone realize the full coolness of Batman. This will make the ladies hot for the mystery man behind the mask.

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