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The Devil in You: Great Devil Halloween Costumes

If you want to be really bad this Halloween, it doesn’t get much naughtier than the devil. Sexy devil costumes are a great choice for parties because they’re easily recognizable, sexy and still playful. They let you play the part of the temptress (or tempter) and have fun with it. We’re going to go over the basics of great devil Halloween costumes, how to play the part for men and women, and some hot costume finds that are available online.

Key Elements of a Truly Evil Devil Costume

When we think of devils, most of us imagine that stereotypical little guy in red with the pointy ears, horns, a tail, and maybe a pitchfork. This is the look you want. It’s instantly recognizable and very adaptable to your own unique style.

If you’re purchasing your devil costume online, try adding your own touches like red fishnets and spiky heels. Or, if you’re a man, go the extra mile with some red body paint to really add to the devil look. If you want to add some Hell fire into your Halloween costume mix, try to pick up some ‘Mystic Smoke,’ a popular gag product that when rubbed on the fingers, will produce smoke when you snap them together. It’s extra touches like these that really make costumes stand out.

Unleash the Demon: How to Play the Part

For women, the best way to play the devil is as the temptress. Don’t overdo it and remember, the Halloween look you’re going for is sultry, not slutty. You’re an all-powerful being, so while you’re definitely naughty, you’re still very much in control. Of course, feel free to poke ‘sinners’ with your pitchfork.

For guys, think devilish charm. You can play it cocky and confident. Try hunting down all the angels at the Halloween party and convince them to convert to the dark side, or cruise up to a coven of witches and let them know they’re your kind of ladies. Having fun and tongue-in-cheek will certainly let out your inner fiery devilish spark.

Great Sexy Halloween Devil Costume Ideas

  • Pin-Up Devil – Betty Page makes a great temptress! Sure enough, a great pin-up devil costume is available online. It’s sexy and spicy, but still retains that in-control burlesque style. Pair it with thigh-high stockings and the right red heels for a truly punishing look.
  • Classic She-Devil – Look for a stylized red hot dress with horns and velvet collar. This is an ultra-sexy Halloween costume that still keeps a bit of length in the skirt for those more ‘formal’ functions. Grab a pitchfork or riding crop accessory and you’ll make men burn.
  • Lucifer – You can be slick debonair Lucifer, dressed to the ‘three sixes’ in red brocade vest and black silk, with a red satin cape and medallion brooch. Or, be the sinister minion of the underworld, dressed in a full-length red robe with pointed hood. Do this demonic look with the right makeup and you’ll be on fire.
  • Hugh Devil! – A cute play on the Hugh Hefner devilish persona. Have fun in a red robe with attached tail as you spend the night chasing innocent bunnies and angels.

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