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Devils & Angels – Which Costume is You?

There’s always at least one devil and one angel at every costume party, probably because there’s a pair of them in each of us! These timeless theme outfits are perfect for your inner naughtiness, and you can play the familiar part with ease. Who doesn’t love seeing a supposedly innocent angel with a beer in one hand? And boy does the temperature ever rise whenever a devil or demon enters the room, especially in a short dress, red pantyhose and that steamy look you give everybody!

Heavenly Angel Costumes

If you want to feel particularly elegant and regal, an angel costume with full white gown is definitely the way to go. With your wings and halo, you’ll bless everyone with your radiant presence. A pair of sharp heels with complete your look. Dark angels abound as well, with punk and gothic looks, torn black dresses and slanted halos. Sexy angels wear short white skirts and low-cut tops, which will have everyone in the room wishing they could join you back in heaven. Rowdy twists in the theme is pregnant angels, or even half angel/ half demon outfits! Playboy  Nice Angel  Adult

1/2 Angel, 1/2 Devil  Adult

Delightfully Devilish Costumes

Hellvis  Adult

Devil Dame  Adult

With devils, anything goes. (The evil characters always have all the fun, don’t they?) The classic red overcoat with goatee and horns is always a hit. Sexy devils are basically fallen angels with an attitude, dressing in hot red dresses, red panty hose, horns and a tail. More elaborate costumes are devil’s brides, queens of hell, disco devils, and fiery goddesses with elaborate red and black dresses. Guys, let your devilish side take over by dressing as Lucifer himself, or Elvis in a red suit (yes, appropriately called "Hellvis.") Be a debonair devil in an evil Victorian outfit, complete with a velvet suit and black tophat. Or play the role of devilish playboy, suave and a little dangerous in a red-hot smoking robe!


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