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Don’t Know What to Do on Valentine’s Day?

Check out our expert tips to get the spark going and fan the flames of your best date ever!

We know what you’re thinking: another February, another box of store bought chocolates and a Hallmark card.

It doesn’t have to be that way. With a little planning and your own creativity, you can make this February 14th memorable. Throw away the old and boring and usher in a whole new way of looking at this favorite holiday of love.

Why We Celebrate the Day

Originally a religious feast day, church seniors admitted by late Medieval times that information about the exact person known as Saint Valentine (there were at least three) have been lost in the shroud of history. Valentine was as common a name in the middle ages as “John” is today.

Not to worry! Romantics were there to pick up the slack of a now-empty calendar day. There are a variety of origins, one being the Roman Lupercus festival, the god of fertility and hunter of wolves. Unmarried men and women would partake in wild romps during the festival, and purification rites were performed – actually, male priests would run around Rome flogging women with the skins of sacrificed goats. Ahh, those Romans! As an aside, “February” comes from the Latin februa, or “to purify.” Take that knowledge to your next party! (And promptly receive some embarrassed silence … never mind.)

Blending this open date with earlier pagan traditions of love and strange rites of purification, Valentine’s Day as a “day of love” was referenced as early as the 14th century by English writer Geoffrey Chaucer.

The rest, as they say, is, well, history.

Make Valentine’s Day Your Own!

With such changeable and celebrate-as-you-wish origins, shouldn’t you continue the spirit of Valentine’s Day with a great, unique idea? You don’t have to spend a bundle to celebrate romance and love. Create a great holiday with one of these winners:

  • Proclaim your love to the heavens. Write love notes to one another on empty balloons. Have them filled with helium (party supply stores usually have helium tanks, and so do many grocery stores; ask an employee). Then take a scenic drive to a favorite mutual locale and set your love balloons afloat. Kiss one another for luck as you watch them float to the clouds.
  • Have a second first date. Go back to the place of your first date and relive it. You’ll be surprised how that first excited flush creeps back to your cheeks as you and your love go through the motions all over again of that first fateful courting day. Memories can evoke the same strong feelings the individual had at the time, such as excitement, humor…and, as a welcome, sexual excitement.
  • Have a midnight picnic. Fill a basket with all of your and your love’s favorite treats. Grab a blanket and drive or walk to a romantic spot under the stars. As midnight falls on Valentine’s Day, put down the food…and reach for anything else that seems tempting.
  • Arrange a secret tryst. Tell the boss you have an urgent meeting to get to…then check into a local hotel or meet at a shaded, out-of-the-way café. Try to feel sneaky; that’s the whole point. Sneaking off to meet a lover (including one you’ve already been faithful to for years) gets blood pumping and hearts racing.

If You’re Just Not Feeling Romantic

Even the most solid relationship is prone to down times. The good news is that with a little effort, you can bring things back up a notch…or ten. Remember the little things that first attracted you to your spouse. Think about how your blood raced the first few times you met; if you’re married, recall every detail of his proposal (or yours).

Then relive these positive feelings with your significant other. Sharing–and laughing over–the good times can bring the feelings back…and may be the breath of life for a flagging relationship.

Keep in mind that the best gift you can give your significant other this Valentine’s Day is time. Give him or her your complete and total attention. Make the time for just the two of you. Then continue the tradition as often as you can, all year long. You’ll love the rewards … and so will your partner!

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