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Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Strapped for time and looking for some quick and easy Halloween costumes you can put together for an upcoming party? Or perhaps you’re simply not the kind of person who gets into planning elaborate getups or sewing complex and extravagant costumes. That’s fine, there are a number of easy Halloween costume ideas that you can put together quickly and simply.

Buying Premade Costumes

Probably the most simple method of putting together a Halloween costume quickly is to order something premade. You can go online, find the costume you want, click, pay, and have it at your door in a day or two. That’s fast. No traffic, no sewing, no stores, no mess, no wondering about limited selection, and no hassle. You’re in and you’re out.

From movie-quality mascots and elaborate mermaid costumes to the bare-bones basics, it’s all there and easily sorted by brands, categories, sizes, and popularity. Personally, I like this option because I always know I’ll find my size and I can find every costume style from sexy to totally kid-friendly in one easy place.

Making Simple Halloween Costume with Easy Accessories

Simple accessories can sometimes be all you need to put together a quick and easy costume. Keep reading for great examples of costumes that can be created from your own closet with just a few (or even one!) signature accessories:

The Pirate – If you want to be a pirate for Halloween, it’s easier than you think. An old pair of pants and shirt should do the trick. You can easily pull the outfit together and finish it off with little more than an eyepatch and play sword – both of which are cheap and simple solutions. Cut the pants so they’re ragged at the bottom, undo your sleeve buttons to give the shirt a fuller, seafaring look, and you’re done.

The Fairy Angel – A super simple fairy or angel costume can be pulled together quick and easy with little more than a pair of wings. Add premade angel wings to a cute, white dress, a curly updo, and some darling ballet flats. Bring it up a notch with some shimmery make-up and you’ve got a fantastic, sexy Halloween costume with seriously minimal effort.

The Devil – For a hot costume that’s simple and fast, turn to your devilish side this Halloween. A sexy devil costume, for men and women, needs little more than a pair of horns, a pitchfork, and a lot of red clothes. You could even pair them with a black suit for a modern take on the classic devil. Spice it up with fishnets and heels for the ladies or a splash of red face paint for the guys. Just a couple of dollars and a quick hunt through the closet make this sinful costume an easy Halloween solution.

Cat and Mouse – With little more than a pair of ears, you can quickly transform yourself into a tiny critter. For women, try pairing a cute set of kitty ears with a sexy black dress and heels for a costume that’s easy. You’ll be comfortable in your own clothes and still be in the Halloween spirit. For a quick couples’ costume, you can dress your man up as a mouse with little more than a set of ears, makeup for a black nose (not shoe polish! I learned that the hard way), and a thick gray sweater. Have fun playing with one another!

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2 Responses to “Easy Halloween Costume Ideas”

  1. Emilee Rossie Says:

    Hey there, I’m having issues loading your site. Just near half of this post appears to load, and the remaining is just empty. I’m not really certain why…. but you might want to give it a look. I’ll check back later, as it may very well be on my end.

  2. Chris Says:

    Hmm, let me know if it’s still like that. I checked it in IE and Firefox, and it looks fine to me. What browser do you use?

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