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Evil Joker a Fun, Demented Costume This Halloween

Looking to have a little evil fun this Halloween? There’s no better costume with which to become an evil jokester than the ultimate prankster himself, The Joker.

With the phenomenal success of the Batman movie, “The Dark Knight”, and the interesting and tragic story of Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker, this is a costume that’s perfectly in tune with popular culture right now.

“Wanna play?”

To play The Joker, it’s important to remember where The Joker comes from. First and foremost, he’s demented. Traditional Batman lore tells us that The Joker is someone (an unidentified someone) who became physically disfigured after an accident involving acid or some other destructive substance.

His disfigurement makes him live in a way that is morally reprehensible and, to many residents of Gotham City, terrifying. Batman’s archenemy, The Joker is evil to the core, and finds great humor in his acts of inhumanity on other people.

So, he’s a little dark, a little bit disturbing. You can lighten him a bit by remembering that while he’s evil, there’s some humor in his awfulness. He truly enjoys what he’s doing, and he’s honest about it.

Looking Like a Dark Joker

How can you act the part on Halloween? Start with the costume. Most important is the face, to be sure, but the costume is important, too. The Joker’s quintessential costume this year (if you’re trying to be true to the Dark Knight version) is a long purple suit jacket over a green vest. Black pants, shoes and gloves complete the ensemble.

The costume, however, is not a costume until it’s complete with hair and makeup. During The Joker’s disfigurement, his hair became permanently green, so finding a green wig, or coloring your hair green temporarily, is necessary. His hair is a bit long, so if yours isn’t, purchase one of the many wigs available this Halloween season.

The final part of the outer costume is makeup. In the disfiguring accident, The Joker’s face was turned white, so white makeup is a must, along with red lip and cheeks, and dark circles under the eyes that make it appear The Joker hasn’t slept in months (and perhaps he hasn’t – he is a busy guy).

Playing the Prankster

So your costume and look is taken care of, but this costume doesn’t just ask for an actor, it demands it. You have to really enjoy getting in to the character of The Joker for this costume to truly work.

Do you have a good cackle? Perfect it. Know how to lower your eyebrows and frown in contempt? Use it. Revel in the pain of others? Learn to.

Of course, you can’t head to a Halloween party intending to really BE The Joker. That would be truly evil (and land you in prison really, really fast). It’s just Halloween fun, after all. But you can plan to be the practical joker that keeps everyone on edge. In that jokester persona, you can cackle, hoot and holler, and enjoy the displeasure or discomfort you bring others.

Now, it’s hard to say if the ladies like The Joker. Is he hot? That’s a personal assessment, to be sure. But we’re fairly sure that The Joker is only alone when he wants to be. If you don’t want to be, put those feelers out. We’re sure there are at least some women who would be happy to strip off that makeup and see what The Joker is really all about.

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