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Fairy Costumes

The fairy is an entity steeped in myth – from the sacred Earth guardians of the Greeks to the mischievous temptresses of Shakespeare. Sexy, Halloween fairy costumes let you play that dual part of the innocent forest creature, while still exploring your flirty side. Also, a cute fairy or elf costume is easily sexy, but retains a bit of the demure, making it a great choice for a Halloween look that’s hot, but still innocent.

Keep reading for some fairy history, great elven costume ideas, and tips on how to play the fairy part this Halloween.

History of the Fairy Myth

Throughout folklore and mythology, fairies have played a part. For the Greeks, they were wood nymphs, water sprites, and sea sirens – all ethereal creatures deeply connected to nature and the elemental forces. Many of the myths surrounding the fairy cast them as temptresses, or beings closely associated with sexuality and the bond between Earth and base, primal desires.

The nymphs and fairies of classic mythology were often chased by satyrs. The satyr is a devilish wood nymph often portrayed as a half-man half-beast character with an almost insatiable sexual appetite. These roguish forest creatures love music, dance, wine, pranks, and chasing down nymphs for sexual play.

In Northern European and British beliefs, the fairy myth expanded and intertwined itself with the rapid spread of Christianity. Previously believed, by pagans, to be the sacred guardians of nature and the elements, fairies began to become the embodiment of fallen angels or unbaptized babies. They were portrayed as childlike and wanton, but still tied to the Earth. With Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and his fairy queen Titania, the fairy realm was solidified in modern literature. Now, we see fairies, like Tinkerbell, with wands, wings, fairy dust, and innocent spirits everywhere.

Costume Ideas for Halloween Fairies

  • Forest Nymph: The forest nymph fairy should be ethereal and dainty, seemingly brimming with childlike innocence that hides a playfully mischievous side. Pair light and pretty wings with a sweet and short skirt. You can accent the outfit with actual pieces from nature, like a necklace of flowers, a twig crown, or an ivy bracelet. Go for makeup that’s shimmery and light.
  • Wicked Fairy: The wicked fairy is dark and definitely misbehaving. Evil and fiendish, this frolicsome imp is nothing short of a handful. Create the costume either by going with all black and gray tones, or simply giving a classic fairy outfit a more rugged look. Use props like dying flowers, crooked wings, or silver makeup to give your wicked fairy outfit a gothic feel.
  • Classic Tinkerbell Fairy: As the beloved fairy from Peter Pan, Tinkerbell may be the world’s most famous fairy. She is sweet and kind, but still mischievous and rascally. For the perfect Tinkerbell costume, go with a short skirt, wand, wings, and a sexy attitude. Bring props like a small, velvet sack filled with sugar that you can pretend is Tink’s infamous fairy dust. Try, like the original Tinkerbell, to play a few innocent pranks throughout the night.

Remember, though fairies can be evil, they’re ultimately playful and saucy sprites. The fairy and elven spirit is about pleasure and ultimately, fun. Though this attitude could lead some straight-laced individuals astray, do try to use your powerful temptress skills for the ‘greater good.’

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