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Feeling Sexy in a Costume – It’s All About the Attitude

Ever been to a party and you see someone dressed in a sexy costume? Of course you have. (And you’ve probably thought about that person for days afterward!) Now, have you come across someone dressed in a revealing outfit but they keep a low profile, don’t talk to anybody, frown a lot, and generally look like they hate the party? Not too sexy, is it? Being sexy isn’t what you wear, it’s how you wear it. It’s all about attitude.

If there’s a contest at the party for sexiest costume, people will remember the guy or gal who played the part, who enjoyed the night and played their character with enthusiasm and excitement. At one party I went to, there were a lot of people dressed in erotic, sexy costumes. Others wore elaborate outfits that must have taken hours to create. Who won the costume contest? A big, muscular guy in a ballerina outfit! He won simply because he had an awesome attitude, laughed and danced all night, and loved every minute of being at the party.

Once you know who or what you want to be, play the part with a great ‘tude. Part innocence, part sultry, and all confidence. You have to be comfortable in your costume, and feel the thrill when you turn heads. Without the attitude, you can wear next to nothing and still not get noticed, if you sit in a corner and look sullen. French maid? Have a feather duster and offer to clean people’s tables. Sexy pirate? Be boisterous, threatening and proud. A cop? Stand tall, stern, and with a wicked smile. Goldilocks? Make sure you bring a teddy bear! (Or a friend or spouse dressed as a bear!) Costumes exist so you can be somebody or something you usually aren’t, just for one exciting evening. You don’t have to try too hard – there’s no exam – you just have to have fun and act a little wild.

So dress up, puff up that attitude, forget your horrible boss, that mess in the kitchen, and stride to your party with smiles and laughter. For you are no longer you, but instead you’re a hot, sultry angel just descended from heaven for one night, or a love doctor who has to care fevers, or a dungeon mistress looking for her next slave. Go and enjoy the evening!

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