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Finding Disney Plus Size Costumes

For the full-figured and beautiful woman, finding the right Halloween costume doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Sexy and pretty plus-size costumes are just as easy to find and make, especially online, as the size 0’s filling the racks at traditional retailers. In this article, we’ll cover the right costume styles to flatter your body shape, tips on where to find Disney plus size costumes online, and plus size costume ideas.

Picking a Costume Style for the Full-Figured Woman

Most plus-sized women’s greatest assets are their curves, killer legs, and a classic shape. If you’re going to be sporting one of the Disney XXL costumes this Halloween, here’s how to find a fit that flatters:

The best way to create a thinner silhouette is to accentuate the waist and emphasize those curves. Look for a costume that has a clear waist, like a ball gown or a corset. Luckily, most fairy tale Disney costumes come in this classic, figure-flattering style. Depending on your comfort level, feel free to pick a sexier fit too. Choose a Disney costume with an off-the-shoulder fit that will accentuate the collarbone and add just a touch of sexiness to your outfit.

Next, the legs. Most Disney adult costumes are fairly modest and will hit the leg way below the knee, but with the right heels, even just a flash of ankle can do wonders for creating a slimmer, sleeker silhouette.

Disney-inspired Plus Size Costumes That Work

Here are some sexy, full-figured costume finds that will make you feel like a princess:

  • Snow White: Fair and beautiful, Snow White makes a classic costume that’s instantly recognizable. Step up this Fairy Tale Classics’ costume with an apple as a prop, and if you’re not a dark brunette, try a black wig. The long skirt and covered shoulders give this costume a modest and conservative look, but still retains its fairy tale beauty.
  • Cinderella: The ultimate blond princess, in a blue satin dress, tiara, and gloves, you will be the hit of the ball, and you won’t have to be home by midnight! Pair this pretty princess costume with clear shoes as your glass slippers, and tonight Prince Charming is sure to find you.
  • Sleeping Beauty: High in an ivory tower, a princess sleeps, waiting for the kiss that will awaken her from her long, deep slumber. Be Sleeping Beauty this Halloween by pairing a pretty, fairy tale ball gown with a little crown. Play up your part with lots of yawning.
  • The Southern Belle: This yellow fairy-tale dress makes a great Southern Belle costume, but would also work for a Beauty and the Beast theme. The off-the-shoulder cut is very flattering, but not too revealing. The shape will accentuate the collarbone, define the waist, and hide lower body curves.

Where to Find Quality XL-XXXXL Disney Costumes

The best place to find quality plus-size costumes, Disney or not, is going to be online. Not only do you get the variety of sizes and styles that you just can’t find in a traditional store, but you also the comfort of shopping from your own home.

Certain retailers, like, will sell a wide variety of costumes in all shapes and sizes. Any quality online retailer will also allow full returns if you’re unsatisfied with the fit. Another option, if you’re comfortable with a sewing machine, is to make your own. A number of patterns are available from

Click "GO" below to find these adult costumes!

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One Response to “Finding Disney Plus Size Costumes”

  1. Gina Says:

    As a plus size individual, I can recall just a few years ago when it was next to impossible to find a nice plus sized costume that wasn’t made like a tent. I say that because that’s the way it fit! Today, costume manufacturers have finally realized that the average dress size in America is a size 14, and the money to be made in that size and larger is substantial. The old saying that money talks and you know what walks, is very true. Most of the larger and older online costume sites are now offering a fair plus size inventory, and the costumes are fitting better. They have a way to go, but at least they now recognize this important market.

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