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Finding Great XXL Costumes

For the full-figured, finding plus-sized Halloween costumes can be a nightmare. Everyone seems to want to dress you up as a pumpkin or Santa Claus. But, XXL costumes don’t have to be frumpy or stereotypical, and there are a huge variety of great plus sized costumes available today. In this article, we’ll cover fantastic and flattering Halloween costumes for both full figure men and women, and how to find them.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Plus-Sized Men

The plus-sized man has many costume options, from sexy to bad-ass to downright hilarious. For a romantic and rugged style, try a costume like the Scotsman warrior. Simple to put together and available in sizes ranging from XL to 3X, the Scotsman will give you that barbarous rogue look, and it won’t strap you in a pair of tights either. To really invoke the Braveheart spirit, match it with some comfy sandals, a passable Scottish accent, and a pint of beer. Remember, it takes a real man to wear a skirt!

For a rough and seedy Halloween costume, try the classic Gangster. A suit jacket, especially pin-striped, is always flattering on a man. Top it off with a tommy gun replica, wingtips, and a cigar for authenticity. Finally, to capture that true gangster attitude, practice your East coast accent and stick to bourbons on the rocks. Remember, women love the bad guy.

If you want a Halloween costume that’s more about laughs than tough-guy style, try the Beer Keg. Because, really, who wants a six-pack when they can have a whole keg? Well-suited to a plus-size man, this costume will not only fit comfortably, but it’ll also get laughs. You can easily purchase a pre-made Keg costume that includes a functioning, tap-able hat that actually holds and pumps beer!

Halloween Costume Ideas for Plus-Size Women

If you’re a full-figure woman, you probably want a Halloween costume that’s sexy, but not over-the-top revealing. It’s important to highlight your best assets, while minimizing those you want to downplay.

For a really flattering look that highlights great curves and accents your bosom along with a beautiful collarbone and shoulders, try a corseted costume. Corset costumes like the Pirate Wench, Little Red Riding Hood and the French Maid will all have features like well-defined waists, A-line skirts and off-the-shoulder cuts come together for a very slimming and sexy silhouette. The key is to showcase curves, making your waist appear smaller and torso longer.

Period costumes are another great Halloween option. Flappers, Southern Belles and Greek Goddesses are not only sexy, they can also be great choices if you don’t care for anything too risque. If you’re looking for costumes with a bit more coverage, either knee-length or to the floor, these are fantastic choices that fit and flatter many different body types. Accessories like a flapper’s boa, a belle’s fan and a goddess’s jewelry are crucial to completing the look.

Where to Find Quality XL-XXL Costumes

The best place to find quality plus size costumes for Halloween is online. Sure, we’re pushing this because we’re online, however, you can’t deny the great variety online, the size range available, and you can feel comfortable shopping in your own home. Another option, if you have some sewing know-how, is to make your own. Be sure you’re properly measured and have all the supplies and patterns you need before starting.

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