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Fireman Halloween Costume – Some Like it Hot!

In a classic firefighter’s costume, you’ll be starting fires and putting them out! This Halloween, a fireman costume is a steamy idea that’s sure to get the ladies all hot and bothered. Women love the courageous look of a fighting hero and classic sex symbol, making it a great Halloween costume choice for the enterprising fellow. Keep reading for hot tips on putting together a fireman Halloween costume, fun ideas for blazing firefighter costumes, and how to pull off the real firefighter persona at your next Halloween party.

Halloween Firefighter Costume Ideas for Men

The male firefighter is a classic sex symbol for women, one steeped in heroism and sexual innuendo. Almost every woman fantasizes about being rescued by a blazing hot fireman and carried over his shoulder to safety. In short, this is a smoking costume that can’t be beat when it comes to sex appeal.

Not only is the firefighter Halloween costume idea a sexy one, but it’s also practical. The fireman costume is both easy and comfortable, so it makes a great choice for someone looking for a costume they can wear to a Halloween party that’s just simple.

If you’re comfortable with sewing, you can make your own using an old utility jumpsuit and reflect tape. Otherwise, you can easily purchase a number of difference firefighter costume styles online at retailers like All the costume work is already done, you just have to wear it and then fend off the ladies.

If you want to step-up your costume, try applying some soot and ash face makeup for that ‘I-just-came-from-a-fire’ look. You can also use charcoal to get the same effect, but don’t overdo it. Toss a bit of ash in your hair too. For accessories, wear big boots and carry a small ladder or novelty hose as a fun prop to complete your look. Be sure to keep at least one hand free to hang on to all your new female friends at the party.

How to Play the Fireman Part this Halloween

As a saver of lives, a firefighter should never lose his sense of power and heroism. As an individual who faces danger every day, a firefighter should be stoic and strong. Above all else though, a firefighter should be scorchingly sexy!

Have fun with the hero part and feel free to make silly jokes throughout the night. You can offer to put out girl’s fires by getting them all wet or inviting them back to the fire station. Or perhaps you could ask around to see if anyone wants to take a few slides down the fire pull, maybe let everyone know that you’ve got a big hose ready to help control a fire. You’ll be the red-hot life of the party!

Women Can Put Out Those Fires As Well!

Who says guys get to have all the fun? There are firefighter costumes for women too! Set off some five alarm fires with a sizzling take on the classic fire man’s uniform. Go for a burning hot look this Halloween by pairing a firefighting-themed mini dress with killer black boots and a sexy, little hat. Top off your firefighter costume look with smoking hot make-up and cute accessories like a novelty or empty fire extinguisher (much lighter than a full one) to complete your Halloween costume.

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One Response to “Fireman Halloween Costume – Some Like it Hot!”

  1. Amy Says:

    It is amazing how many uses there are for fire extinguisher. I suppose an empty one is better for the party in that it is lighter. Mut have been expensive to empty it just for a consutme. Or, pity the poor guy who had to use it in an emergency. Amy

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