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French Maid Halloween Costumes – For the Party or For the Bedroom

The traditional lacy black and white French maid’s uniform quickly became a sexual icon when it was picked up and then flounced up by popular burlesque theater in the nineteenth century. From classic French farce plays to transgressive American burlesque halls, the French Maid was always a comical character, albeit a very sexy one. Here are some great tips on how to put together the best French maid Halloween costumes and how to roleplay the part of the naughty cleaning lady.

Ideas for Sexy French Maid Costumes:

The classic, sexy French maid costume is always black and white and whether you’re donning your cleaning attire for a big Halloween party or as a new piece of lingerie, the choice will probably dictate the actual style you want.

For a more traditional, burlesque-style maid’s costume, think petticoats and ruffles. Go with a short skirt puffed up by a few saucy under-layers. This will give you that trademark flouncy appearance. Add a heaving bosom and a corseted waist for that extra je ne c’est quoi in your cute chambermaid costume.

If you want to be a little more risque, perhaps you’re looking for a sexy maid costume for the bedroom and not the party circuit. Try an outfit that doubles as lingerie. Think erotic garter belts and sexy short lace, not flounce and pomp.

Regardless of your signature French maid style, there are a few accessories you simply can’t clean without. Here are ten essential sexy French maid items:

  1. A feather duster. Essential for not only cleaning, but also a bit of sensual teasing.
  2. An apron. You don’t want your pretty, little outfit to get dirty now, do you?
  3. The right stockings. From thigh highs to fishnets, the choice is up to you, but make it sexy.
  4. Gloves or wrist cuffs. Adds some authenticity.
  5. Shoes. Heels are an absolute must.
  6. A few French sayings. “Oui, oui,” “ooh la la,”and “non, non, monsieur” should be enough to get you by.
  7. Curly updo.
  8. A Little cap. For authenticity.
  9. Lacy knickers. The fluffier, the better.
  10. A saucy attitude, and a willingness to get a little dirty.

How to Roleplay as the Sexy French Maid

Keep it light and remember to always have fun with it. You can try scenarios like serving your partner breakfast in bed, followed by a few moments of prancing and bending around the bedroom trying to clean. It’s guaranteed that you won’t get too far! Other fun roleplay ideas include pretending he’s a hotel guest and housekeeping is knocking, or greeting him at the door and offering to take his coat like an obedient, little servant. Pepper your play with demure remarks like “Oh, Monsieur!” and “Pardon moi!”

And though you’re having fun and being comical, try to remain sexual at all times. Keep your attitude coy and maintain a flirty, sexy persona. Try doing things like running your feather duster over his body, scold him for being so dirty, or bending over to pick up an errant item. The French maid is all about a demure coyness that still retains a touch of the classic burlesque. And remember, you decide how clean (or dirty!) you want your night to be!

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