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Game of Thrones Costumes

Who knew that the whole medieval era would become so popular in this day and age? This is something that has obviously been around for years and yet we have seen resurgence in this theme quite recently. Much of this has to do with the enduring popularity of Lord of the Rings, which has lead to the “Game of Thrones” becoming such a mega hit on HBO.

Anything from the Game of Thrones makes for a great costume idea. If you are interested in this time period, of if you are just searching for a cool costume idea, then this is the one to try out. So get in touch with your Medieval side and watch yourself transform into a harsh maiden or sword-slaying warrior.

Back to Simplicity

The great thing about the costumes worn in this show is that they are quite simple in their execution. They take the most basic materials and turn them into a costume that you can wear with great ease and confidence. The Medieval era was full of materials such as burlap, woven goods, drape looking materials, and even straw.

jamie game of thrones costume

There is no color associated with these costumes, so muted tones or even earth tones are what work best to carry off the look. This is all about simplicity as they used what was available to them from the Earth and that was it. The more of the costume and the accessories that you can get which look like they came from the earth, the better!

Since this is a relatively new show, there aren’t a lot of actual costumes out there yet in this theme or following the show specifically. Therefore you may have to go about it yourself but it’s relatively easy to carry off. Look for items in your closet that are in earth tones to start with, think of simple shirts, pants, and skirts in browns, greens, olive, tan, and anything that looks earthy. Basically, anything Medieval will work, as this is the time period the show (and books) are set in … but with a fantasy element involved too.

Then go for the specifics like anything that comes in a woven material or looks like that, for a woman a skirt in this material is just perfect. If you can find actual clothing items that are made out of straw, hay, or anything else in that vein then that’s to your credit—otherwise work with what you’ve got! You want to then accessorize with arm bands made of materials like hemp.

Same goes for bracelets or belts, go for the worn and woven look to really carry this off well! This is all about embracing your inner barbarian so have fun with it as you get down and dirty with this costume idea!

Create Your Own Character Costume

If you are looking for authenticity then by all means go for a look like one of your favorite characters from the show. Those that are loyal followers will recognize your attempt at making it a perfectly fitted look for whoever you love from the show. This can be as simple as a wig, but if you carry it off right then you’ll be in great shape.

If you want to dress like the famous twin and the handsome all-star of the show, then try your hand at going for a Jamie Lancaster (see video below). He encompasses the look of a Medieval Prince Charming and it’s a relatively easy look to capture. You want to get the shield that you can wear across your chest proudly. It can help to find a wig in that signature wavy brownish blonde hair to make yourself really look hot and barbarian like!

Perhaps you want to try the female route and go for the Daenerys Targaryen look! This is simple enough so go for a fitted woven tube top with a simple flowing, earth tone skirt. Then throw on a wig in that signature long, blonde flowing hair for the perfect look. Then accessorize with simple woven bracelets and you have yourself a Medieval princess right there in front of you!

Daenerys Targaryen Halloween costume

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