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How to Get a Date with a Gladiator

Gladiator Costumes For Your Man

Dust off your grittiest toga and leather sandals and treat yourself to a day at the spa. Women in ancient Rome spent hours at the public bath to prepare for their men, so it’s only right that you spend a day at the spa. Imagine, as you’re being pampered, that your man is working out in preparation for battle.

You might be able to whip him into shape by handing him a gladiator workout video a few months before your Halloween party. Make sure he knows how sexy you find a good old-fashioned Spartan man. Offer to do the workout with him, just so you can watch his muscles ripple. Or better yet, sit down with a glass of Italian wine and watch the workout video. You can do that with or without him.

To get in the gladiator mood, just head to the video store. Gladiator movies peaked in popularity in the late 50’s and early 60’s, which mean a lot of silly black and white films with corny effects, like Spartacus and Barabbas. A more modern choice would be the 2000 flick Gladiator with Tomas Arana and Russell Crowe.

Girl Gladiators

Yes, there were female gladiators. Unlike male gladiators, which were mainly slaves and criminals condemned to live the short life of an entertaining fighter, women usually chose the life of their own accord. However, they weren’t warmly welcomed by society, only fought with other women (or male dwarfs), and were lower ranking than their male counterparts. Poets and historians made fun of them and questioned their femininity.

Luckily, modern men find the whole warrior princess idea quite stimulating. Far from being offended at the thought of a strong woman, men go gaga over Amazon girls. You don’t have to be 6 feet tall and blonde to qualify, either. Xena, The Warrior Princess, has been a sex symbol since the show first aired in the mid 1990s.

If you think your gladiator would rather do mattress battle with a tough warrior princess rather than a dainty toga girl, you’re in luck. Girl gladiator costumes are sexy and fun to wear.

Gladiator Costumes

There are different types of traditional gladiators, based on their type of armor, weaponry and fighting styles. Most would have a helmet, skirt or tunic, an arm guard on the sword arm, and a protective leather or metal greave on the left (shield) leg. A shield and short sword or spear completes the outfit.

Of course, there are a wide variety of gladiator styles to choose. The most distinctive features will be the skirt or kilt, tunic and short sword. If you’re up to it, a lot of historical gladiators went bare-chested!

Women always have it more fun. A leather bikini-style top and fringed leather skirt is typical of gladiatrix costumes. Baring your tummy won’t protect you in a battle, but that’s not really the point, is it? Xena wears her hair down; if you choose to wear yours down, too make sure that you flip it around a lot when you’re in the ring. It must be important, because all the gladiator girls are doing it.

If you don’t want to bare your tummy, you can find plastic versions of the protective metal armor specially made for gladiator costumes. Armor is optional, but recommended. If you want your gladiator man to go without protection, that’s your call. We recommend Trojan, just because it goes with the theme.

Your Chariot Waits

If the idea of being a gladiator girl doesn’t appeal to you, you could be a Roman noble woman, like Cleopatra, with a silky cream tunic, golden jewelry and a wreath of greens on your head. Similarly, you could opt to dress as one of many erotic Roman or Greek Gods, like Medusa or Aphrodite.

So try a Greek or Roman gladiator theme for your next costume. There are so many options for role-playing and costumes that range from half-naked to fully covered. Start with the half-naked and add the elements you need to be comfortable. How about a fully covered toga girl that turns into a warrior after the party? Either way, any man will love to be treated like the gladiator he always knew he was.

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