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Gothic Costumes for Halloween

The Gothic style has many roots, from the Beatnik girls of the 1960’s to Madonna’s punk influenced black rubber bracelets and fishnet stockings. Modern day Goth girls are influenced by romantic styles of all ages, with decidedly sexual overtures all done in black. Vampire movies romanticize the Goth look, which also stylizes elements of religion, including rosaries and religious crosses. Goth and punk is all about knowing that something is very wrong in the world, and that nobody will make it right.

A goth costume mixes the sacred and the evil in a blend of naughty lingerie cut clothing and luscious fabrics. Not delicate or flowery (unless the flowers are dead) the gothic look refuses to pay allegiance to anything moral or godly. Goth girls know what they want and get it, even if someone has to get hurt.

Gothic Costume Styles

Gothic Costumes often put an evil spin on everything good and sweet, like Fairies, Angels, Brides and Princesses. Other classic Goth costumes include the dominatrix, the gypsy and the she-devil.

Gothic Fairy Costume

Fairies are light and sparkling bringers of sunshine and flowers. Unless they’re gothic. All the magic and lore of the fairy world is turned upside down by these naughty creatures. Black feathered or nylon wings with frayed edges, ripped dresses and overtly sexual features, like a low cut neckline, a lace-up front, or studded details complete the dress. A magic wand with a pentacle at the end instead of a traditional star would be a nice touch.

Gothic Princess Costume

Unhappily ever after. A Gothic Princess would wear a naughty looking black bridesmaid dress, with an exaggerated, jewel encrusted crown and bulky jeweled rings and necklaces. Black eye makeup and long black hair complete the look. Skip the dainty princess dancing shoes, and opt instead for clunky black platforms or even combat boots. This princess doesn’t want to go to the ball, she’d rather hang out in the dungeons, feeling the pain.

Gothic “Fallen” Angel Costume

If you can fake a bow and arrow through your chest, the fallen angel thing looks really cool. Otherwise, a short black tulle skirt with a black bustier, and feathered or nylon wings are appropriate. Hair should be tousled and up, revealing the neck but not the slightest bit “styled” looking. For shoes, flesh colored ballet slippers give the illusion of being bare footed, and big black combat boots are a great contrast to the dainty skirt.

Gothic Bride Costume

A sexy wedding-like dress, with a dead floral bouquet and a black veil, reminiscent of an old-fashioned mourner are great ways to start a gothic bride costume. Picture a zombie bride, only it’s not necessary to look dead, just sleazy and depressing. A Goth bride is very much alive and devilish at the same time. Jewelry that’s heavy with religious symbolism is, once again, great for a gothic bride. Black ribboned garters around the leg with stockings is a naughty effect, similar to an old-fashioned saloon girl.

Dominatrix Costume

Black leather from head to toe, with a black “tool belt” or chain stocked with handcuffs, and other bondage tools make the dominatrix costume a really bold one to wear. Girls who put on a dominatrix costume find it quite easy to transform their personalities and become bossy, demanding and merciless pleasure-seekers. There’s no romance here, no lace or fairy wings, and no religious symbolism (unless you count the medieval torture devices and what guys shout out when she uses them.) Dominatrix hair is smooth and sleek, no-nonsense, like a Ninja or Cat woman.

Gothic Gypsy Costume

Black Spanish-dancer shawl, lace-up bustier tops and long flowing skirts in lush velvet fabrics make the Gothic Gypsy one of the more popular looks. Very Renaissance and very romantic looking, the Gothic gypsy is part medicine-woman, part evil temptress.

It’s amazing how easy it is to transform your personality. Get into the role as you dress up. If you can’t bring yourself to say naughty things out loud, your partner will love it if you whispered them. Go for the Goth, it’s quite a liberating experience you won’t soon forget.

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