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Dressing in a Gypsy Costume For Halloween

There’s something uniquely sexy and off-putting about a gypsy woman. How can she be sexy and off-putting at the same time? Well, that’s all part of her allure and you can learn how to bring that sexy, standoffish and mysterious gypsy woman to life this Halloween.

If you don’t really understand the concept of a gypsy, consider the famous Cher song, “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves”. In it, Cher introduces us to a gypsy woman by telling us, “she was born in the wagon of a traveling show” and her mother “used to dance for the money they’d throw.”

Gypsies are often seen as those who constantly travel (aka “No Fixed Address”), selling or doing whatever they can to survive. They carry with them an aura of mystery and intrigue that stems not just from their adventurous spirit, but also their skills at fortune telling and palm reading.

Wearing a Gypsy Costume

To bring a little gypsy into your Halloween, consider our tips.

First, think mystery, mixed with a bit of dangerous magic. That’s your buzz word. What’s sexier than a woman of mystery anyway? The gypsy woman is full of that, along with various other unconventional qualities.

Your version of the mystery woman might read palms, or she might do a little fortune telling (and hopefully your fortune with her is promising). She might need a little money to get her through her days; she might need to do a few favors to get a few favors.

Second, think about sexiness. Perhaps the sexiest quality of the gypsy woman is her wild and unpredictable ways, all the while looking flirtatious and feminine in her bawdy dress and dangling jewelry. She might look to be an easy friend to make, if you understand our covert gypsy language here, but she is dangerous and cunning. She lives a rough and tumble life. Get on her bad side (heck, stay on her good side), and you may find yourself at the point of her hidden dagger. She can not be tamed.

Wearing a Gypsy Costume

How can this gypsy woman come alive for you this Halloween? Via costume, of course! Let’s consider what a gypsy woman looks like, wears, and how you can replicate it yourself.

First, a gypsy woman wears a lot of jewelry. She is feminine in her sexiness and mystery. She might have had a hard life, or she might have to work hard for her money, but she still carries an air of femininity about her. So jewelry is essential. Some costumes will come with jewelry, or you can add a large necklace and some dangly earrings of your own.

Gypsy and fortune telling women usually wear their hair one of two ways – up on top of the head, or wrapped in a bandana. You can combine the two, by wrapping a bandana around the hair on top of the head, but however you choose to carry it off don’t forget about the hair and (and perhaps) headdress.

Now, gypsies wear dresses, or skirts and shirts that accent the bodice. She always wears a belt to accent her waist (which also serves to accent the bodice). The skirt or dress is long, but might also have a wraparound style that allows a little bit (or lot) of leg to show.

Unleashing Your Inner Bawdy Gypsy

How can you role play the gypsy costume to its fullest? Head to your costume party in full regalia, and maybe include a “crystal ball” under your arm, or a sexy pirate man on your arm. Talk a little bit like a wench and don’t forget to tell tall tales or your adventures or misadventures. Add a little bawdiness to the proceedings. Your audience will expect nothing less from such a dangerous gypsy woman.

If you are dressing up with your partner, once the evening is coming to an end, your real adventure can begin! Your sexy pirate or other dangerous companion can enjoy the show as you uncover your several layers of lacy mystery. Have fun making your own fortunes that night.

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