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Here Comes the Bride – on Halloween

So maybe a real wedding dress might not be right to wear on a first-date Halloween party. But there are several bride costumes that can be sexy, fun and flirty. Try the bride of darkness costume, bride of Chucky, Satan’s bride, bride of reanimator, dead corpse bride, zombie or gothic bride, vampire bride or a sexy wedding night costume.

Bride of Darkness Costume

The bride of darkness costume is popular at Halloween because it combines traditional wedding dress stylings with the ghoulish creepiness of Halloween. Often cobwebby with grayed smoky fabric instead of white, you can use grey or black gauze in your hair to accent the creepiness of the dress. A bouquet of dead flowers (roses, of course) complete the look.

Bride of Satan Costume

The bride of Satan is often shown in a red or black wedding style dress. The key to this look is to make all the traditional bridal elements into naughty things. The top of the dress, for example, should be very low cut and even on the sleazy side. The dress should be short and undeniably sexy. Fetish shoes would be worth the pain to pull off this look. Heck, maybe this one would be good for a first date!

Bride of Chucky Costume

Everyone remembers the scary doll, Chucky from his self-titled movie. Years later, the Bride of Chucky film was released and she was just as foul. Together, a Chucky and Bride of Chucky costume would be a great couples costume. The Bride of Chucky costume is a simple look to pull off. If you have blonde hair, you’ll want to style it in a Stepford-Wives flip with or without bangs and be sure to put the characteristic black jacket over your wedding dress.

Bride of Frankenstein Costume

The bride of Frankenstein also has a distinctively frightening look. Her hair is important, and most women will need to order costume wigs to recreate her funky extreme hairstyle, complete with lightning bolts (check here for one way to try it. In the movie, they used a wire horsehair cage.) She had long fingernails, presumably red, but black would work since it was a black and white movie. Her dress was fitted, which can be very sexy and long, which is great in cool weather. You could even wear some thick tights underneath to keep warm. Sneaking into a medical lab to make out that would be tops (but you didn’t hear that from us).

Corpse Bride / Dead Bride / Zombie Bride Costume

The dead bride theme has been around for years, but Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride film really made it cute. Try wearing your corpse bride costume with a really tight fitting bustier with push-up breast pads so you can emulate the heart-shaped body of his clay-mation figure. Unless you happen to be naturally shaped like that, in which case honey, wear whatever you want. The corpse Bride carried a bouquet of blue/grey roses and has long, tattered white gloves. Her hair is long and hanging and her veil is a long and tattered sheer fabric with a floral headband trim.

Gothic Bride Costume or Vampire Bride Costume

A gothic bride would combine the bridal elements of a veil, a bouquet and a wedding dress with the dark, self-indulging aspects of the gothic style. Religious symbolism, present in both settings becomes an ironically great costume when combined in a new way. Try a black dominatrix bustier and velvety skirt or even lace in dark, gothic color scheme. Chunky crosses and oversized jewels with blackened metal findings are also quite Goth. For a bridal veil, try black tulle and beading and floral work in blacks, reds and deep purples. Fishnet stockings and long black satin ribbons flowing from the bouquet will capture the heart of even the most straight-laced groom. To make it into a Vampire Bride costume, simply add vampire teeth and spill some red dye on your dress.

Wedding Night Bride Costume

Sexy white lingerie and a bridal veil make this look distinctive. Just imagine what’s under the wedding dress! All those sleazy bachelorette party items that you wouldn’t wear for your real wedding make a great wedding-night Halloween costume. Be sure to wear the obligatory bridal updo and carry your bouquet.

No matter which bridal costume you choose, your night will be one to remember. Be sure to take pictures and act like it’s your first time, like any good bride.

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